Network of Regional Hubs 

Assessing EU law from the ground 

​​​​The CoR launched a new generation of its Regional Hubs Network (RegHub). Its members monitor the implementation of EU policies on the ground and make sure that the voices of hundreds of regional and local stakeholders are taken into account when these policies are evaluated at European level.

The RegHub Network currently includes 46 members, 10 observers and one associated body. RegHub is also an established subgroup of the European Commission's Fit for Future Platform (F4F).

The list of hubs

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Our Goals

Local and regional authorities implement more than 70% of EU legislation and are therefore in a good position to judge its accuracy and effectiveness. Only if EU legislators take into account the regional and local perspective can European laws and policies be better implemented on the ground and achieve their objectives.

The goals of RegHub are to:

  • Contribute to the EU’s better regulation efforts by bringing a local and regional perspective to the evaluation of EU legislation.
  • Increase the involvement of local and regional authorities in the design of EU legislation and in the improvement of its implementation.
  • Strengthen the links between local and regional authorities and EU institutions by promoting the sub-national perspective and creating opportunities for dialogue.
  • Present and disseminate good practice examples for the implementation of EU law in regions, cities, and municipalities.

One of the ways​ in which RegHub pursues these objectives is through its role as a sub-group of the European Commission’s Fit for Future Platform (F4F), which involves conducting targeted consultations and working with the platform's rapporteurs, as well as sharing reports with the platform. Furthermore, RegHub works closely with institutional partners and research institutes and organises workshops and seminars in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC).

Our Method

Since its involvement in the European Commission's Fit for Future Platform(F4F), RegHub's work has been organised in the following steps:

1. Contributing to the annual Fit for Future work programmeby consulting the hubs on relevant legislative texts to be reviewed by the European Commission.

2. Conducting targeted stakeholder consultations through the RegHub Network and making the results of these consultations available to the platform's rapporteurs.

3. Promoting the platform's opinions within the EU institutions.

RegHub's unique working method, namely targeted stakeholder consultations, has proven to be an effective tool to gather unique and granular information on the implementation of EU law.

The process involves, as a first step, the dissemination of questionnaires among the hubs (contact points in local and regional administrations), who, as a second step, reach out to targeted stakeholders, who implement the EU policy that is the subject of the consultation.

After collecting all the feedback, the hubs aggregate the stakeholder information and send their reply back to the CoR's RegHub Secretariat. The CoR then formulates recommendations based on this input.

RegHub and Fit for Future 2023​

In 2023, RegHub conducted two targeted consultations for the European Commission's Fit for Future Platform: one on public procurement​, with Anne Karjalainen (FI/PES) as rapporteur, and one on the Digital Europe Programme​, with Michiel Rijsberman (NL/renew E) as rapporteur. The results of these consultations helped to enlarge the evidence base of the corresponding Fit for Future opinions that were adopted at the 28 November plenary meeting of the Platform.

RegHub and Fit for Future 2022

For its 2022 work programme, the Fit for Future Platform (F4F) appointed CoR members Dr Mark Speich (DE/EPP) and Anne Karjalainen (FI/PES) as rapporteurs for the opinions on the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (M. Speich) and the Governments Interoperability Strategy (A. Karjalainen). RegHub conducted two targeted consultations on these topics in 2022 and the corresponding Fit for Future opinions were adopted in the Platform's plenary in December.

RegHub and Fit for Future 2021

In 2021, RegHub consulted its members on the implementation of eProcurement and the INSPIRE Directive at local and regional level. The replies were analysed and fed into two Fit for Futureopinions on those topics. Furthermore, the results of two previous RegHub consultations (on ambient air quality and on cross-border healthcare) were also picked up in Fit for Future opinions. All opinions adopted by Fit for Future in 2021 are published on the platform.

Also in 2021, RegHub conducted its two-step consultation on 21st century rules for 21st century infrastructure. The results provide data for a special RegHub report that will be presented to the Fit for Future chair, Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič.

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RegHub 2.0 - Maroš Šefčovič


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  • RegHub 2.0 - Maroš Šefčovič
    RegHub 2.0 - Maroš Šefčovič
  • Regional Hubs: checking if EU legislation works on the ground!
    Regional Hubs: checking if EU legislation works on the ground!
  • RegHub 2.0 - Why it matters
    RegHub 2.0 - Why it matters
  • Executive Summary First Implementation Report on Public Procurement

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    15. Malti(112.25 KB-DOCX)Download
    16. Nederlands(112.72 KB-DOCX)Download
    17. polski(112 KB-DOCX)Download
    18. português(112.27 KB-DOCX)Download
    19. română(111.47 KB-DOCX)Download
    20. slovenčina(108.1 KB-DOCX)Download
    21. slovenščina(117.23 KB-DOCX)Download
    22. svenska(112.75 KB-DOCX)Download
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  • Executive Summary Second RegHub Implementation Report on Air Quality

    Available languages (22)
    1. български(112.97 KB-DOCX)Download
      Доклад за прилагането на Втората консултация относно директивите за качеството на въздуха
    2. Čeština(117.93 KB-DOCX)Download
      Shrnutí druhé zprávy o provádění sítě RegHub týkající se směrnic o kvalitě ovzduší
    3. dansk(111.65 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resumé af den anden RegHub-gennemførelsesrapport om luftkvalitetsdirektiverne
    4. Deutsch(113.85 KB-DOCX)Download
      Zusammenfassung des zweiten RegHub-Umsetzungsberichts_Luftqualitätsrichtlinien
    5. ελληνικά(119.01 KB-DOCX)Download
      Έκθεση εφαρμογής Δεύτερη διαβούλευση - Οδηγίες για την ποιότητα του ατμοσφαιρικού αέρα
    6. español(121.4 KB-DOCX)Download
      Informe de aplicación de la Segunda consulta sobre las Directivas relativas a la calidad del aire ambiente
    7. eesti(117.21 KB-DOCX)Download
      Rakendusaruanne Teine konsultatsioon, teema: õhukvaliteedi direktiivid
    8. suomi(111.65 KB-DOCX)Download
      Alueellisten keskusten verkoston toinen kuuleminen, aiheena ilmanlaatudirektiivit - Tiivistelmä täytäntööpanoraportista
    9. français(117.96 KB-DOCX)Download
      Synthèse du second rapport de mise en oeuvre du réseau des pôles régionaux sur les directives sur la qualité de l'air ambiant
    10. hrvatski(112.55 KB-DOCX)Download
      Izvješće o provedbi Drugo savjetovanje, o direktivama o kvaliteti zraka
    11. magyar(112.21 KB-DOCX)Download
      Összefoglaló a regionális központok hálózatának második végrehajtási jelentéséről, a levegőminőségi irányelvek témájában
    12. italiano(117.21 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sintesi della seconda relazione di attuazione della rete RegHub - Direttiva sulla qualità dell'aria
    13. lietuvių(113.77 KB-DOCX)Download
      Įgyvendinimo ataskaita. Antroji konsultacija dėl oro kokybės direktyvų
    14. latviešu(117.44 KB-DOCX)Download
      Īstenošanas ziņojums Otrā apspriešanās: Gaisa kvalitātes direktīvas
    15. Malti(117.78 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sommarju eżekuttiv tat-tieni Rapport ta' Implimentazzjoni taċ-Ċentri Reġjonali, dwar id-Direttivi dwar il-Kwalità tal-Arja
    16. Nederlands(111.3 KB-DOCX)Download
      Uitvoeringsverslag van de tweede raadpleging over de luchtkwaliteitsrichtlijnen
    17. polski(121.71 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sprawozdanie z wdrażania - Druga konsultacja dotycząca dyrektyw w sprawie jakości powietrza
    18. português(117.27 KB-DOCX)Download
      Síntese do segundo relatório de execução da Rede de Polos Regionais sobre as Diretivas Qualidade do Ar
    19. română(117.54 KB-DOCX)Download
      Rezumatul celui de-al doilea raport de implementare al rețelei de centre regionale cu privire la directivele privind calitatea aerului înconjurător
    20. slovenčina(121.2 KB-DOCX)Download
      Zhrnutie druhej vykonávacej správy siete regionálnych centier o smerniciach o kvalite ovzdušia
    21. slovenščina(109.75 KB-DOCX)Download
      Poročilo o izvajanju - Drugo posvetovanje o direktivah o kakovosti zraka
    22. svenska(113.64 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sammanfattning av RegHubs andra genomföranderapport, om luftkvalitetsdirektiven
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  • Executive Summary Third RegHub Implementation Report on Cross-border Healthcare

    Available languages (22)
    1. български(113 KB-DOCX)Download
      Обобщение RegHub Доклад за прилагането относно трансграничното здравно обслужване
    2. Čeština(117.68 KB-DOCX)Download
      Shrnutí Zpráva o provádění směrnice o přeshraniční zdravotní péči v evropských regionech
    3. dansk(116.96 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resumé - RegHub - Gennemførelsesrapport - Tredje høring om grænseoverskridende sundhedsydelser
    4. Deutsch(117.29 KB-DOCX)Download
      Dritte Konsultation zur grenzüberschreitenden Gesundheitsversorgung Zusammenfassung wichtigste Ergebnisse
    5. ελληνικά(119.17 KB-DOCX)Download
      Έκθεση εφαρμογής Τρίτη διαβούλευση σχετικά με τη διασυνοριακή υγειονομική περίθαλψη
    6. español(117.09 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resumen - RegHub informe de aplicación sobre asistencia sanitaria transfronteriza
    7. eesti(111.02 KB-DOCX)Download
      Rakendusaruanne - Kolmas konsultatsioon teemal Piiriülene tervishoid
    8. suomi(113.35 KB-DOCX)Download
      Tiivistelmä - Alueellisten keskusten verkoston täytäntöönpanoraportti rajatylittävästä terveydenhuollosta
    9. français(113.94 KB-DOCX)Download
      Synthèse sur le rapport de mise en oeuvre par les pôles régionaux des soins de santé transfrontaliers
    10. hrvatski(111.01 KB-DOCX)Download
      Izvješće o provedbi -Treće savjetovanje o prekograničnoj zdravstvenoj skrbi
    11. magyar(117.73 KB-DOCX)Download
      Összefoglaló RegHub végrehajtási jelentés a határon átnyúló egészségügyi ellátásról
    12. italiano(117.44 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sintesi - Relazione RegHub sull'attuazione dell'assistenza sanitaria transfrontaliera
    13. lietuvių(117.31 KB-DOCX)Download
      Įgyvendinimo ataskaita - Trečioji konsultacija dėl tarpvalstybinių sveikatos priežiūros paslaugų
    14. latviešu(111.11 KB-DOCX)Download
      Īstenošanas ziņojums Trešā apspriešanās par pārrobežu veselības aprūpi
    15. Malti(117.43 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sommarju Eżekuttiv - Rapport ta' implimentazzjoni tar-RegHub dwar il-kura tas-saħħa transkonfinali
    16. Nederlands(116.89 KB-DOCX)Download
      Uitvoeringsverslag - Derde raadpleging - Grensoverschrijdende gezondheidszorg
    17. polski(117.59 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sprawozdanie z realizacji - Trzecie konsultacje w sprawie transgranicznej opieki zdrowotnej
    18. português(117.65 KB-DOCX)Download
      Síntese - Relatório de execução sobre cuidados de saúde transfronteiriços
    19. română(111.59 KB-DOCX)Download
      Executive Summary - RegHub implementation report on Cross-Border Healthcare
    20. slovenčina(115.39 KB-DOCX)Download
      Zhrnutie Správa RegHub o vykonávaní smernice o cezhraničnej zdravotnej starostlivosti
    21. slovenščina(110.09 KB-DOCX)Download
      Poročilo o izvajanju Tretje posvetovanje: čezmejno zdravstveno varstvo - RegHub
    22. svenska(110.62 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sammanfattning - RegHub-genomföranderapport om gränsöverskridande hälso- och sjukvård
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  • Executive Summary Fourth Implementation Report on State Aid

    Available languages (22)
    1. български(140.56 KB-DOCX)Download
      Обобщение на основните констатации - Доклад за изпълнението: четвърта консултация на RegHub във връзка с държавната помощ
    2. Čeština(142.95 KB-DOCX)Download
      Zpráva o provádění: čtvrtá konzultace o státní podpoře
    3. dansk(138.24 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resumé - Fjerde RegHub gennemførelsesrapport om statsstøtte
    4. Deutsch(142.53 KB-DOCX)Download
      Zusammenfassung Vierter Umsetzungsbericht des RegHub über staatliche Beihilfe
    5. ελληνικά(143.32 KB-DOCX)Download
      Σύνοψη - κύρια πορίσματα - Τέταρτη έκθεση εφαρμογής του RegHub για τις κρατικές ενισχύσεις
    6. español(191.48 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sumario - Informe de ejecución: cuarta consulta, sobre ayudas estatales RegHub
    7. eesti(139.71 KB-DOCX)Download
      Kokkuvõte - peamised järeldused - Neljas RegHub aruanne riigiabi teemal
    8. suomi(137.87 KB-DOCX)Download
      Tiivistelmä - Valtiontukea käsitelleen RegHub-verkoston neljännen kuulemisen täytäntöönpanoraportti
    9. français(143.05 KB-DOCX)Download
      Synthèse: RegHub - quatrième rapport de mise en oeuvre sur les aides dÉtat
    10. hrvatski(138.98 KB-DOCX)Download
      Izvješće o provedbi: četvrto savjetovanje o državnim potporama
    11. magyar(137.39 KB-DOCX)Download
      Összefoglaló - A RegHub negyedik jelentése az állami támogatásokról
    12. italiano(138.76 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sintesi esecutiva - quarta relazione di attuazione RegHub sugli aiuti di Stato
    13. lietuvių(135.91 KB-DOCX)Download
      Įgyvendinimo ataskaita - Ketvirtoji konsultacija dėl valstybės pagalbos
    14. latviešu(142.13 KB-DOCX)Download
      Kopsavilkums svarīgākie secinājumi Divas apspriešanas un pētījums
    15. Malti(139.63 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sommarju Eżekuttiv - Ir-Raba' Rapport dwar l-Implimentazzjoni tar-RegHub dwar l-Għajnuna mill-Istat
    16. Nederlands(141.41 KB-DOCX)Download
      Samenvatting Uitvoeringsverslag: Vierde raadpleging over staatssteun
    17. polski(136.97 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sprawozdanie z realizacji: Czwarte konsultacje dotyczące pomocy państwa
    18. português(133.47 KB-DOCX)Download
      Relatório de execução - Quarta consulta sobre auxílios estatais
    19. română(140.75 KB-DOCX)Download
      Raport privind punerea în aplicare: a patra consultare privind ajutoarele de stat
    20. slovenčina(135.63 KB-DOCX)Download
      Zhrnutie - Správa RegHub o vykonávaní: Štvrtá konzultácia o štátnej pomoci
    21. slovenščina(137.03 KB-DOCX)Download
      Povzetek glavne ugotovitve - Poročilo o izvajanju: četrto posvetovanje, o državni pomoči
    22. svenska(141.91 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sammanfattning - RegHub:s fjärde genomföranderapport om statligt stöd
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  • Implementation Note of the Guidance on Public Procurement in the wake of Covid-19

    Available languages (22)
    1. български(141.76 KB-DOCX)Download
      Експресна консултация относно обществените поръчки след COVID-19
    2. Čeština(139.36 KB-DOCX)Download
      Zpráva o provádění pokynů k zadávání veřejných zakázek v návaznosti na krizi COVID-19
    3. dansk(141.11 KB-DOCX)Download
      Vigtigste konklusioner - Vejledningen om offentlige udbud i kølvandet på covid-19
    4. Deutsch(142.07 KB-DOCX)Download
      Vermerk zur Umsetzung der Leitlinien für die öffentliche Auftragsvergabe vor dem Hintergrund von COVID-19
    5. ελληνικά(144.17 KB-DOCX)Download
      Έκτακτη διαβούλευση του δικτύου RegHub με θέμα τις Οδηγίες για τις δημόσιες συμβάσεις στο πλαίσιο της πανδημίας COVID-19
    6. español(144.37 KB-DOCX)Download
      Orientaciones sobre contratación pública a raíz de la pandemia de COVID-19 Conclusiones principales
    7. eesti(139.84 KB-DOCX)Download
      RegHubi kiirkonsultatsioon teemal Riigiabi ja riigihanked COVID-19 taustal
    8. suomi(143.46 KB-DOCX)Download
      Muistio covid-19:n takia annettujen julkisia hankintoja koskevien ohjeiden täytäntöönpanosta
    9. français(138.28 KB-DOCX)Download
      Note relative à la mise en oeuvre des orientations relatives aux marchés publics à la suite de lépidémie de COVID-19
    10. hrvatski(137.9 KB-DOCX)Download
      Brzo savjetovanje mreže RegHub o Smjernicama o javnoj nabavi nakon COVID-a 19
    11. magyar(144.33 KB-DOCX)Download
      Végrehajtási feljegyzés a Covid19 összefüggésében a közbeszerzésről szóló iránymutatásról
    12. italiano(144.94 KB-DOCX)Download
      Consultazione sul tema Orientamenti in materia di appalti pubblici a seguito della pandemia di COVID-19
    13. lietuvių(137.94 KB-DOCX)Download
      RegHub greitosios konsultacijos dėl Viešųjų pirkimų gairių kilus COVID-19 pandemijai
    14. latviešu(141.69 KB-DOCX)Download
      RegHub apspriešanās Norādījumi par publisko iepirkumu Covid-19 saistībā Svarīgākās atziņas
    15. Malti(143.97 KB-DOCX)Download
      Nota ta' implimentazzjoni dwar il-Gwida dwar l-Akkwist Pubbliku bsegwitu għall-COVID-19
    16. Nederlands(143.91 KB-DOCX)Download
      Implementatienota over de richtsnoeren inzake overheidsopdrachten in de nasleep van COVID-19
    17. polski(144.52 KB-DOCX)Download
      Konsultacje RegHub na temat wytycznych w sprawie zamówień publicznych w obliczu COVID-19
    18. português(140.93 KB-DOCX)Download
      Nota de aplicação sobre as orientações em matéria de contratos públicos na sequência da COVID-19
    19. română(139.7 KB-DOCX)Download
      Notă privind punerea în aplicare a Orientărilor privind achizițiile publice ca urmare a Covid-19
    20. slovenčina(138.32 KB-DOCX)Download
      Vykonávanie usmernení k verejnému obstarávaniu v súvislosti s pandémiou COVID-19
    21. slovenščina(242.03 KB-DOCX)Download
      Obvestilo o izvajanju smernic za javna naročila po pandemiji COVID-19
    22. svenska(138.02 KB-DOCX)Download
      Genomförandenot om vägledningen om offentlig upphandling i kölvattnet av covid-19
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  • Executive Summary Fifth Implementation Report on CAP and Rural Development

    Available languages (22)
    1. български(176.56 KB-DOCX)Download
      Кратко изложение - Пети доклад за изпълнението: въздействие на общата селскостопанска политика върху териториалното развитие
    2. Čeština(172.51 KB-DOCX)Download
      Shrnutí - Pátá zpráva o provádění: dopad společné zemědělské politiky na územní rozvoj
    3. dansk(178.19 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resumé - Femte RegHub-gennemførelsesrapport om indvirkningen af den fælles landbrugspolitik på territorial udvikling
    4. Deutsch(177.99 KB-DOCX)Download
      Zusammenfassung - Fünfter Umsetzungsbericht: Die Wirkung der gemeinsamen Agrarpolitik auf die territoriale Entwicklung
    5. ελληνικά(180.84 KB-DOCX)Download
      Σύνοψη - Πέμπτη έκθεση εφαρμογής: αντίκτυπος της κοινής γεωργικής πολιτικής στην εδαφική ανάπτυξη
    6. español(176.84 KB-DOCX)Download
      Quinto informe de ejecución: impacto de la política agrícola común en el desarrollo territorial
    7. eesti(174.02 KB-DOCX)Download
      Viies rakendusaruanne: ühise põllumajanduspoliitika mõju territoriaalsele arengule
    8. suomi(174.21 KB-DOCX)Download
      Tiivistelmä - Viides täytäntöönpanokertomus: yhteisen maatalouspolitiikan vaikutus alueelliseen kehitykseen
    9. français(177.6 KB-DOCX)Download
      Résumé - Cinquième rapport de mise en œuvre: incidence de la politique agricole commune sur le développement territorial
    10. hrvatski(170.96 KB-DOCX)Download
      Peto izvješće o provedbi: utjecaj zajedničke poljoprivredne politike na teritorijalni razvoj
    11. magyar(179.29 KB-DOCX)Download
      Összefoglaló - Ötödik RegHub végrehajtási jelentés: A közös agrárpolitika területi fejlődésre gyakorolt hatása
    12. italiano(172.3 KB-DOCX)Download
      Quinta relazione di attuazione: impatto della politica agricola comune sull'assetto territoriale
    13. lietuvių(171.51 KB-DOCX)Download
      Santrauka - Penktoji įgyvendinimo ataskaita: bendrosios žemės ūkio politikos poveikis teritorinei plėtrai
    14. latviešu(172.59 KB-DOCX)Download
      Kopsavilkums - Piektais īstenošanas ziņojums. Kopējās lauksaimniecības politikas ietekme uz teritoriālo attīstību
    15. Malti(175.11 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sommarju eżekuttiv - Il-Ħames Rapport ta' Implimentazzjoni tar-RegHub dwar il-PAK u l-iżvilupp territorjali
    16. Nederlands(171.34 KB-DOCX)Download
      Samenvatting - Vijfde uitvoeringsverslag: effect van het gemeenschappelijk landbouwbeleid op de territoriale ontwikkeling
    17. polski(175.73 KB-DOCX)Download
      Piąte sprawozdanie na temat stanu realizacji działań: wpływ wspólnej polityki rolnej na rozwój terytorialny
    18. português(172.05 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resumo - Quinto relatório de execução: o impacto da política agrícola comum no desenvolvimento territorial
    19. română(173.08 KB-DOCX)Download
      Cel de al cincilea raport de punere în aplicare: impactul politicii agricole comune asupra dezvoltării teritoriale
    20. slovenčina(171.82 KB-DOCX)Download
      Zhrnutie - Piata správa o vykonávaní: vplyv spoločnej poľnohospodárskej politiky na územný rozvoj
    21. slovenščina(166.54 KB-DOCX)Download
      Peto poročilo o izvajanju: vpliv skupne kmetijske politike na teritorialni razvoj
    22. svenska(172 KB-DOCX)Download
      Sammanfattning - RegHub:s femte genomföranderapport om den gemensamma jordbrukspolitiken och territoriell utveckling
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