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The European Committee of the Regions​, the International Cities of Refuge Network​ and the City of Gdańsk are delighted to invite nominations of individuals and organisations for the 2021 edition of the Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Award for courage and excellence in promotion of freedom, solidarity and equality.

Mayor Paweł Adamowicz focused his activities on fostering solidarity, the integration of migrants and minorities, dialogue with civil society, and the promotion of fundamental rights on the ground. He was first elected as Mayor of Gdańsk in 1998, and served the city in that position until his assassination on 13 January 2019.

The establishment of this Award is an homage to and recognition of everyone who works with courage and integrity against intolerance, radicalisation, hate-speech, oppression and xenophobia. Those who promote equal opportunities, social integration and fundamental rights. Those who are inspired by and carry on the legacy of Paweł Adamowicz.

More about the life and work of Paweł Adamowicz.

The deadline for submitting nominations for the Award has been extended to the 30th of September, 2021, and it is anticipated that the Award will be presented in December 2021, but this is dependent upon the COVID-19 pandemic situation at that time.

Nomination proce​​​​​​ss

Nominations are invited for individuals or organisations from around the world who are active at local or regional levels, and who promote freedom and solidarity, equality and non-discrimination, fighting intolerance, hate-speech and xenophobia.

In this first year of the Award, nominations are invited from only three sources:
  • Members of the European Committee of the Regions – 15 or more full Members of the European Committee of the Regions may collaborate and jointly submit a nomination;
  • ICORN (International Cities of Refuge Network) member cities or regions and, where necessary, their representative bodies. Each member may submit only one nomination;​
  • A selected number of international bodies with long-term experience in the fields of the Award, which have been invited to submit one nomination each. 
Before submitting a nomination, please be aware of these additional eligibility criteria:
  • Nominations for the Award will close at 23:59 on 30/09/2021. Nominations which are received after this time may not be assessed for the Award.
  • Only completed nominations which have been submitted in English through the official online nomination form will be considered for the Award;
  • Nominees (individuals and organisations) must give their consent to be nominated for the Award;
  • The nominee's actions must promote freedom and solidarity, equality and non-discrimination and/or fight against intolerance, hate-speech and xenophobia;
  • Nominees must have a proven record of action of at least three years in the relevant fields;
  • Nominated organisations must have a legal status, for instance, an incorporated body, governmental body, not-for-profit organisation, or educational institution.

Selection process

Eligible nominations will be reviewed ​and shortlisted by an Evaluation Committee composed of representatives from the Award partners (the European Committee of the Regions, the City of Gdańsk and ICORN), and other international bodies with experience in the fields of the Award. 

The shortlist will be used by the Award Jury to determine the final Award Laureate.

Eligible nominations will be assessed on a number of criteria, including:
  • ​The ambitious and innovative nature of the activities carried out;
  • The degree of partnership working, and the effective and efficient use of resources;
  • The impacts these activities have on the people they directly work with, and the wider community;
  • The commitment shown by the nominee, including in overcoming any challenges;
  • The potential sustainability and replicability of the activities.
Download the full terms and conditions of the Award, and the notice on the protection of personal data:

Further information

More information about the Award will be published on this website in due course. Updates will be announced via the social media feeds of the European Committee of the Regions; please follow the hashtag #AdamowiczAward.

Please also get in contact with the Award organising team via the link in the Contact box on the right of this page​.
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