Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture (SEDEC)  

The remit of the Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture (SEDEC) covers the following fields:

  • Audio-visual Industry and Media Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bio-economy
  • Culture and Cultural Diversity and Creativity
  • Demographic Change
  • Education and Training (including Lifelong Learning)
  • Employment Policy
  • Equality
  • EU Information Society, including Trans-European ICT Networks
  • European Pillar of Social Rights, including Social Policy, Social Protection
  • Innovation, Research and Technology and smart specialisation
  • Labour Mobility
  • Multilingualism and Promotion of Minority Languages
  • Social Economy
  • Sport
  • Youth

In addition, SEDEC manages the Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP), which is a form of cooperation between the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD). The platform seeks to present new R&I solutions, innovative products and best practice, by organising seminars in Brussels and peer-to-peer events in regions, or hosting showcasing events contributing to the KEP annual Action Plan.

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​Head of Unit: Kyriakos Tsirimiagos

Assitant to the HoU: David Freixas Montplet


  • Svetlozar Andreev, in charge of Research and Innovation, Science Meets Regions
  • Alexandra Bozini (SNE), in charge of Social policy, social economy
  • Sebastian Gonzalez Hajdu, in charge of Youth, Social Economy and Education policies
  • Doru-lulian Hobjila, in charge of Education, Culture, Youth, Sport and Multilingualism – Audio-visual and Media Related Technologies - membership of the Group of Communicators (GOC)
  • Lisa Holmund Prutsch, in charge of Horizontal policies and studies
  • Georgios Petras, in charge of Employment and Social policy
  • Valeria Satta (SNE), in charge of Equality, Innovation - Bioeconomy, Knowledge Exchange Platform
  • Esther Wirth, in charge of Research policies
  • Jens Zvirgzdgrauds, in charge of Smart specialisation, Artificial intelligence, Audio-visual and Media Related Technologies, ICT


  • Marielou Dalli​, in charge of the general support to SEDEC Secretariat - Platforms and events​
  • Daniela Pastina, in charge of the general support to SEDEC Secretariat
  • Valeria Schirru​, in charge of the general support to SEDEC Secretariat​​
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