European Network of Regional and Local EU Councillors  

"Europe" happens daily in our regions, cities and villages ​ Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Governor of Central Macedonia, Greece, and President of the CoR​

There are more than one million elected politicians in the regions and cities of the European Union. They deal with European laws, funding programmes and debates on a daily basis. The Network builds on the successful experience with national or local politicians dealing with EU affairs existing, for example, in Austria, France and Germany.

Who should apply and how?

The Network addresses regional and local politicians who are elected representatives in a government, parliament or assembly of a region, city, town, province, municipality or village. By applying to the Network, the politician confirms that they have been appointed by their respective assembly to represent their constituency. The latter can appoint one or several politicians, who can carry the title "Member of the CoR Network of Regional and Local EU Councillors" for the duration of their appointment.

The Network is a voluntary and bottom-up project. There is no selection process: all registered politicians become part of the Network.

What does the Network offer?

The CoR offers the members of the Network:

  • dedicated information through newsletters and briefings;
  • invitations to CoR events, links to political debates at the CoR;
  • exchanges with CoR members/alternates and other Network members.

The Network does not include any financial support from the CoR.

How can EU Councillors work together with the CoR?

Members of the Network are invited to get in contact with a CoR member of their choice. They can also actively contribute to CoR activities, which include, for example, holding EU-related events in their local and regional Councils, organising debates with citizens, participating in consultations and surveys of the CoR and events such as the annual European Week of Regions and Cities or the regular European Summits of the CoR. Moreover, members of the Network can contact the CoR administration in their own language to ask questions, request material or help with the organisation of events.

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