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​At the CoR, you will have the opportunity to address the future challenges of the EU while thriving in a friendly work environment that respects human diversity and enhances individual creativity.

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Let's shape the future of Europe together!

Are you interested in a secondment as a national expert (SNE) to discover the work of the CoR from the inside and to enhance cross-cooperation between local and regional authorities and the CoR

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Empowering local and regional

The European Committee of the Regions is the voice of regions and cities in the European Union. No village, town, or city is too far for us to bring it closer to the pulse of EU politics.

By empowering local and regional elected politicians to shape the EU legislation, we pursue our mission to create a Union closer to its citizens and built on their needs.

By joining the CoR, you will contribute to make Europe a great place to live.

Meet the people of the CoR

The CoR staff works tirelessly for the voice of European regions and cities. But what better occasion to listen to your future colleagues to know how a day within the CoR looks like?


The CoR is a small, dynamic place and staff are always encouraged to bring in new ideas – for our internal organization and for impact on EU legislation. For me, it is the only EU institution that connects you both to the big politics in Brussels and to hundreds of decision-makers from big and small places all over Europe.

Klaus BOELE 

Sara Milano

With more than 10 years of HR experience in the private sector behind my back, I felt it was time for a turn and I wanted to work for a bigger and common project…what best than giving my little contribution to shape the Europe of tomorrow? The CoR was indeed the right place to pursue this ambition. I found great support, growth and learning opportunities while working in an institution with a friendly and human dimension, where people work together for common and tangible goals. This is what makes the CoR unique. 

Sara Milano 


Le CdR  présente une structure plus petite, "à taille humaine", qui permet un contact plus personnalisé entre collègues  et un rôle plus polyvalent dans la structure. Ici, on ne collabore pas avec des "unités" ou des "directions" mais avec des collègues. 



Ce qui m'a attiré au Comité était le contact avec les élus locaux, travailler dans une institution politique qui fonctionne de façon similaire au Parlement européen mais a un réel ancrage sur le terrain, cherche à transformer le monde à partir d'expériences concrètes et vécues.

Delphine LANGLOIS 


La combinaison du caractère international et multiculturel du CdR avec son rôle d'institution proche des citoyens et de leur réalité de vie, en fait un lieu unique où travailler et œuvrer à la consolidation du projet européen.



At the coR, you stop being a number and become an appreciated human being and valuable staff member, and, up to my view, the possibilities for self-development are higher.


Multicultural, dynamic and diverse, community

Throughout your professional path, you can always count on the support of a small but multicultural, dynamic and diverse, community of experts. Thanks to a crosscutting approach to objectives, you will have the chance to share knowledge with colleagues whose rich backgrounds reflect all the diversity and the vast potential of the EU.

As an employer, the CoR does not discriminate on any grounds such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation. You will be given an equal opportunity to demonstrate your abilities during the selection procedures.

Advantageous working conditions

At the CoR we balance the need for efficient use of our resources against modern human resources policies that enable our staff to reconcile professional and personal life.

We offer high-quality working conditions to ensure a sound and healthy working environment.

  • Integrated Talent Management Strategy

    We do not offer 'a job for life' but a 'lifetime of different jobs'. Through our Integrated Talent Management Strategy, we give you the opportunity to learn and grow.

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  • Flexible working arrangements & Leave and holidays

    Flexible working hours, part-time work and teleworking

    24 vacation (annual leave) days plus public holidays. Subject to conditions, there are also additional days for travel towards the place of origin.

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  • Support with childcare

    In order to foster well-being among staff, the Social actions service provides a series of services to staff and their families (childcare facilities – crèches, European schools, after school childcare, holiday childcare, etc.)

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  • Service to families

    Welcome office, Social service, language courses for partners, etc.

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  • Health and wellbeing policy

    Medical service, Safety and Health at Work Programme, nutrition, ergonomic office design, etc.

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  • Social and cultural events

    We like to socialise! You get many opportunities to network. We also have other social events – Staff’s parties and events where you and your family are always welcome, cultural events, exhibitions, conferences on interesting topics, etc.

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A career at the CoR

Our staff are mainly officials recruited via the reserve lists from general competitions organised by the European Personnel Selection Office. In certain circumstances, however, the European Committee of the Regions may also engage temporary or contract staff.

Our working and contractual conditions are based on the Staff Regulations (SR) and the Conditions of Employment of other Servants of the European Communities (CEOS).


The application process for a position at the CoR depends on the contract type. However, in order to be recruited as an official by an EU institution, you have to follow a competition procedure that might include several oral and written tests.

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