Faktablad om yttrandet 

Översyn av EU:s lagstiftning om luftkvalitet

Opinion Number: CDR 6180/2022
Rapporteur: POWER Una
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 05/07/2023

- supports the European Commission's proposed limit values to be achieved by 2030; calls for full and binding alignment with the 2021 WHO guidelines by 2035, so as to protect citizens' health and to contribute to achieving the zero pollution objective set to be achieved by 2050; supports the introduction of a regular review mechanism of the air quality standards in line with the latest scientific evidence. Achieving these targets will be possible only if the EU and Member States agree and implement ambitious policies to tackle the sources of pollution at all levels;

- stresses the importance of implementation and enforcement, highlighting the significant number of infringements of air quality, recalling that communities should be adequately supported to fully implement the directive on the ground; calls for full application of the polluter pays principle;

- highlights the general lack of specifically targeted EU funding for air quality and calls for the EU to support air quality transition by:

 providing new better targeted or dedicated EU funding opportunities while simplifying and increasing access to existing funding opportunities, in particular under ERDF, LIFE and EAFRD;

 extending or adapting funding opportunities for climate transition, such as the Just Transition Fund or the Social Climate Fund, to use for air quality transition;

 providing technical assistance and multilingual tailored guidance on funding specifically addressed to local and regional authorities;

 shifting traffic – particularly heavy goods traffic – from the road to the railway;

- calls Member States to ensure that local and regional authorities representing areas likely to be significantly affected by air pollution exceedances are allowed to take part in consultations when preparing air quality plans;

- stresses that there are particular zones where conformity with the limit values for certain pollutants cannot be achieved by the deadlines specified, because of site-specific dispersion characteristics, orographic boundary conditions, adverse climatic conditions, transboundary contributions or because of disproportionate cost of implementation which exceeds the cost of inaction; welcomes therefore Art. 18 of the European Commission's proposal providing for additional time to comply with air quality standards in those areas; calls for support to help such zones achieve air quality objectives.



Council agrees on a mandate for negotiation

The Council agrees ona mandate for negotiation on the Revision of the Ambient Air Quality directives.

09 Nov

Presidency compromise text

A possible presidency compromise text has been proposed but it si not yet publicly available.

18 Sep

Meeting of the CoR Rapporteur with the Permanent Representation of Spain (having the Council presidency)

The CoR rapporteur had an online meeting with the officers following this file of the Permement Representation of Spain, the Member State holding the Council Presidency.

11 Jul

Vote in ENVI committee of the Parliament

On 27 June the Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) of the European Parliament will vote on the Draft report on the Ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe (recast).
Links to draft report and amendments availbale in the draft agenda of ENVI.

27 Jun

European Air Quality Index App now available in all EU languages

The European Environment Agency (EEA) announced that the Air Quality Index is now available in all 24 European languages.
This tool provides useful information about air quality in the EU territories.
The app now includes new feature.

07 Jun

Fourth meeting of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform

The Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform (ZPSP) held its fourth meeting on 20 April, focusing on Zero Pollution for production and consumption, as well as local efforts and initiatives to develop green and digital transformation across Europe.

Ms POWER (IE/GREENS),Rapporteur on the Revision of the EU Ambient Air Quality Legislation was one of the three CoR members that participated.

She intervened to present the opinion she was preparing during the discussion on:

"Green Deal Going Local – activities of the Committee of Regions on Zero Pollution
(including preparation of opinions on Green Deal in Cities and opinions linked to
Commission proposals)"

20 Apr
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