Opinion Factsheet  

Paketet om den fleråriga budgetramen 2021-2027

Opinion Number: CDR 2389/2018
Group: EPP (European People's Party)
Commission: COTER
Status: Adopted
Date: 09/10/2018
The CoR has long called for an agreement on the MFF post-2020 to be reached with the Council before the 2019 European Parliament elections. Therefore, a timely contribution of the CoR to an interim report of the European Parliament, due in November 2018, should ensure that the needs and priorities of EU cities and regions are taken into account when the institutions negotiate a draft agreement on the next MFF.

- notes with regret that the Commission proposal is not ambitious enough; reiterates the Committee's position, which is shared by the European Parliament, that the future MFF should be set at at least 1.3% of GNI;

- considers it unacceptable that the financing of additional priorities is to be at the expense of existing EU policies with proven EU added value, such as the Cohesion Policy, the Common Agricultural Policy and, in particular, rural development policy;

- notes with concern that the Commission's proposals point towards further strengthening programmes under direct or indirect management at the expense of programmes under shared management by the Commission and the Member States;

- welcomes the Commission's efforts to simplify the revenue side of the budget, and in particular the proposal to phase out all rebates linked to Member States and to streamline VAT-based revenue;

- welcomes the European Commission's efforts to ensure seamless financing for EU final beneficiaries, by making sure that the EU Member States also meet their financial obligations to beneficiaries in the event that a procedure to safeguard the EU's financial interests is initiated; expects the Commission to develop further resources to protect final beneficiaries' interests;

- strongly opposes the proposed cut to the Cohesion Policy budget; also views the proposed cuts to the Common Agricultural Policy as unacceptable. Such a steep reduction in areas that are among the EU's most visible policies, would be detrimental to the growth and development of the European regions;

- strongly rejects the proposed solutions, which will further exacerbate the situation of local and regional authorities compared with today when it comes to the time limit for using annual allocations from EU programmes and to the level of pre-financing and, in particular, co-financing of projects;

- calls on all EU bodies to reach swift agreement on the next multiannual financial framework so that EU programmes can be adopted in good time before the beginning of the next MFF.