Faktablad om yttrandet 

Sammanhållningspolitiken: strategirapport 2010 om genomförandet av programmen 2007–2013

Opinion Number: CDR 159/2010
Commission: COTER
Status: Adopted
Date: 02/12/2010


- regrets that because of the complexity of the funding mechanism, European projects are driven more and more by compliance with administrative procedures rather than development strategy;

- stresses that fragmentation of EU funding is a barrier to the effective implementation of projects and is hampering the focus on common priorities for development;

- calls for a smart approach with a view to future modifications and amendments to the structural fund (SF) regulations because frequent changes generate administrative burdens and delays in implementation;

- is convinced that the close involvement of LRAs in the operational programmes design paves the way for less unrealistic projects and generates projects that respond better to territorial needs and guarantee swift take-up of funds;

- regrets that concrete evidence about the performance and effectiveness of cohesion policy is missing from the available studies, analysis and reports, due mainly to the focus on the degree of fund implementation and the implementation of the programmes rather than on the actual outcomes of projects and their role in regional development;

- believes that, in order to have a clearer picture of the achievements of the policy and the structural changes generated, a reporting methodology must be agreed that focuses primarily on the results and secondly on the take-up of funds.
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