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Europe for Her: cities, regions, and the fight for gender equality  

What steps can local and regional authorities take to improve both the daily lives of women and their representation in politics? Bringing together 22 experts and local leaders, the trainee-organised Europe for Her conference which took place on 21st January 2019 sought solutions for some of the pressing problems facing women in the regions of Europe today.

The topics of education and career, gender-sensitive public spaces, and encouraging women's participation in local politics were the focus of lively discussion during the four panels, each of which concluded with solid ideas for how to improve the current situation.

Engagement with the event was high: as well as over 120 participants on the day, over 300 people viewed the panels online, 118 completed the follow-up survey giving their opinions on recommendations derived from the conference, and the Facebook page of the event garnered 1450 followers.

On 6th February at the 133rd Plenary Session of the Committee of the Regions, the trainees presented the conclusions of Europe for Her in the form of recommendations both for the CoR itself and for its 350 members to implement in their home regions and cities. We the trainees hope this is just a first step towards a more representative CoR within a more representative Europe.

Final report of the conference and the full recommendations
List of panels and speakers