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Knowledge Exchange Platform: Building synergies for successful green and digital transitions – the way ahead  
The Knowledge Exchange Platform, a joint initiative of the European Committee of the Regions and the European Commission, held its first meeting of 2022 on 22 June with the topic of Building Synergies for Successful Green and Digital Transitions.
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The Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) was originally launched in 2015. The renewed KEP 2.0 initiative aims to boost the exchange of new R&I solutions and best practices by organizing horizontal seminars in Brussels and promoting so-called peer-to-peer and showcasing events organised on the ground. This allows for an efficient dialogue and transfer of expertise on R&I issues with European cities and regions, businesses, universities and citizens.

The workshop on 22 June focused on new ways of creating and enhancing policy and programme synergies to enable successful green and digital transitions and the implementation of the EU Missions. Current and future strategies and initiatives were presented from a policy-makers' perspective, while cities and regions such as Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Gabrovo (Bulgaria), Emilia-Romagna (Italy) and Pest County (Hungary) presented concrete examples of their innovative practices in the field.

Former CoR President Markku Markkula (FI/EPP) and the rapporteur of the CoR opinion on EU Missions welcomed the European Commission's increased focus on strengthening place-based innovation ecosystems and closing the innovation divide in Europe. In his presentation he also underlined the role of EU Missions as a vital instrument that should integrate the number of existing EU initiatives and programmes to operate in synergy.

"The development requires all the actors to learn new competencies by integrating technology and research with a human-centric approach, committing to implement joint green and digital transformations. Systematic change requires co-creating transformational ecosystems based on learning and RDI with interdisciplinary scientific and operational synergy across all five EU Missions", Mr Markkula said.

Rewatch the workshop with the presentation of the following case studies:

1. Synergies for a green & digital transition and the New European Bauhaus (Kieran McCarthy, IE/EA, Member of Cork City Council)

2. Experiences from a region selected for the '100 Climate-neutral & smart cities' Mission Call (Emil Boc, RO/EPP, Mayor of Cluj-Napoca)

3. Partnerships for Regional Innovation - Commitment and expectations of regions and cities (Tanya Hristova, BG/EPP, Mayor of Gabrovo)

4. Developing a regional innovation ecosystem (Viorika Dishnica, ART-ER - Research and Innovation Agency of the Emilia-Romagna Region)

5. Innovative, green solutions – Experiences from a ‘Smart city’ project (János Ádám Karácsony, HU/ECR, Member of Pest County Council)

The second KEP workshop in 2022 will be held in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities between 10-13 October on "Youth involvement in European R&I policies and the role of regions and cities".


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