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Science meets regions: Key elements for the success of Cross-Border  

Representatives of cities, regions and scientific experts from EU scientific organisations are partners in evidence-based decision-making processes at regional level.

The external Seminar of the COTER commission intends to further contribute to the “Science meets Regions” by exchanging between scientist, practitioners and regional politicians.

The seminar aims to analyse the elements enabling the success of cross-border cooperation, in particular within the macro-regional strategies framework, with specific emphasis on EUSALP and promote further work with regards to the trans-European mobility system that is of key economic and strategic interest for the regions affected and introduce the JRC work in particular in the transport area.

The objective of the seminar will be to create a greater understanding of issues faced by cross-border projects with special focus on transport projects.

The seminar will provide first-hand information on the enablers and barriers that the cross border cooperation projects face. The seminar aims to promote a better understanding of the variety of challenges and opportunities faced by border regions in conducting the cross-border projects and to integrate these insights into a European context, by bringing together experts and policy makers dealing with cross border cooperation.

Among the examples of regional cross border cooperation used as a reference during the seminar, focus will be put on AlpTransit Project. The centrepiece, the Gotthard Base Tunnel, became operational on 11 December 2016, and the Ceneri Base Tunnel is scheduled to become operational in 2020. The project could be considered as a paradigmatic example of progress made towards the objectives of Interreg V-A Italy-Swiss project, within the framework of implementation of EUSALP.

Organizer: European Committee of the Regions - European Commission - Regional Council of Lombardy
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