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Stakeholders' consultation on "The services package: An updated view from Europe's local and regional authorities"  

​​​​​​Since the adoption of the CoR's opinion on the services package in October 2017, the ECJ's 2018 "Visser Vastgoed" ruling has shed new light on the current notification regime under the services package. Also the Commission's legislative proposals on the European services e-card and the notification procedure have not been approved yet, which could raise questions regarding the issues these proposals are aimed to address. In this context, the CoR is preparing a revised opinion on the services package.

The revised CoR opinion is scheduled for adoption at the ECON Commission meeting of 2 March 2020 and at the Plenary Session of 25-26 March 2020.

This consultation, aimed at providing the rapporteur, Mr Jean-Luc Vanraes​ (BE/RE) with comments and suggestions, is open to representatives of local and regional authorities and their stakeholder associations. Experts, officials of EU institutions and think tanks are also invited to contribute.

Please register​​ by 27 January 2020 14:00.

Contact Person: ECON secretariat
Organizer: European Committee of the Regions, ECON Commission
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