Future of Europe 2020 

​Reinforcing European democracy at all levels of government and bringing Europe closer to its people are set out as the main priority in the CoR's political agenda for 2020-2025. CoR President Apostolos Tzitzikostas reaffirmed the CoR ambition to play a key role in the Conference on the Future of Europe in the 2020 EU Annual Regional and Local Barometer  speech delivered on 12 October 2020. The CoR therefore encourages its members, as well as other regional and local politicians (including young elected politicians - YEPs), to engage in this process with a view to listen to citizens' opinions on shaping the future of the EU, and report back to the Conference.


Our goals​

The arrangements for CoR support for local events are set out in Decision 28/2016. Taking into account the COVID-19 situation and the CoR's increasing capacity to organise digital events, this Decision has  been amended by Decision 145/2020, which lays down the provisions for a new format of online local events and the support provided by the CoR administration. In these exceptional circumstances, the CoR encourages its members to organise online local events. According to the available technical, financial and human resources, the CoR can provide the following services: online hosting; moderators' costs; provision of information materials; dissemination of the results and report drafting.

Each proposal for an online local event must be submitted by organisers at least three months before the date of the event via a simple online application form .​

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It's about the future of Europe. Let's talk!


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  • It's about the future of Europe. Let's talk!
    It's about the future of Europe. Let's talk!
  • Future of Europe campaign - in a nutshell
    Future of Europe campaign - in a nutshell

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