CDR-AST1-AST7-43-19 - Budget and Finance Unit  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: COR/AST1-AST7/43/19
Directorate: Directorate E, Human Resources and Finance
Function Group: AST
Management: No
Deadline:20/12/2019 12:00
Job Title: ASSISTANT (M/F)
Unit/Service: Budget and Finance Unit
Grade: AST1-AST7
Location: Brussels


Under the direct authority of the head of unit, the jobholder shall work in the following areas:

A. Financial and administrative management and control tasks

• Checking salary slips before financial initiation, central verification, authorisation and payment of salaries;
• Preparing and financially initiating salary advances before central verification, authorisation and payment;
• Reconciliation of salary-related general ledger accounts;
• Implementation of the budget;
• Preparing payment orders and recovery orders;
• Preparing salary related certificates;
• Detecting errors and launching corrective actions.

B. Planning, monitoring and reporting

• Assisting in the development of the annual management, organisation of risk analysis, internal control self-assessment, follow-up on internal audit matters related to the Unit and monitoring of implementation of actions;
• Assisting in the establishment of the CoR's report on budgetary and financial management;
• Assisting in the establishment of the annual activity report;
• Supporting the Unit's managerial ex-post controls.

C. External audit and discharge

• Assisting in the organisation of meetings and coordinating the replies from the CoR services related to audits of the European Court of Auditors and discharge by the Budgetary Control Committee of the European Parliament;
• Assisting in draft responses to resolutions/reports/letters and draft briefings;
• Managing the register for discharge resolutions and recommendations of the European Court of Auditors.

D. Commission for Financial & Administrative Affairs (CFAA) secretariat - Back-up

• Assisting in developing the agenda of the CFAA meetings and establishing the work-planning;
• Coordinating with services for the reservation of the meeting rooms and interpretation;
• Sending the meeting invitations to CFAA members;
• Coordinating with the CoR services for the preparation of documents and follow-up throughout the approval circuit;
• Coordinating the translation of documents via the appropriate management tools, liaising between translation and contributing services, monitoring and follow-up;
• Liaising with the planning, printing and interpretation services involved in the preparation of paper documents and organizing meetings;
• Assisting in the organisation of CFAA preparatory meetings with CoR political group secretariats and CFAA Presidency (including meeting room reservations, orders of consumables, submission of CFAA documents to participants, etc.);
• Initiating the requests for reimbursement of expenses for the individual presences of CFAA members and follow-up of their approval;
• Participating in the preparatory meetings and coordinating with services for follow-up of the questions raised during the preparatory meetings;
• Assisting in writing the briefings to the CFAA Chair;
• Submitting documents to CFAA members and other participants of meetings;
• Assisting in writing the summary of decisions and recommendations and of the follow-up to the CFAA meetings;
• Distributing the summary of decisions to CFAA members following its approval;
• Follow-up of the submission of CFAA documents to the CoR Bureau, when necessary;
• Archiving documents and records of the CFAA meeting;
• Managing the functional mailbox of the CFAA Secretariat;
• Ensuring the update of the information related to CFAA available on the CoR intranet, internet and Agora.

Qualifications and skills required:

• Thorough knowledge of an official language of the European Union and satisfactory knowledge of a second official language of the European Union. For functional reasons, a sound knowledge of English and a good knowledge of French are required;
• Good analytical and drafting skills;
• Good knowledge of current office applications such as SharePoint and MS Office as well as an ability to learn more specific IT systems (such as Centurio, NAP and Abac);
• Ease in handling figures and data (Excel tables, etc.);
• Ability to organise and coordinate operations of horizontal nature;
• Ability to work both in a team and independently and good aptitude for inter-service cooperation;
• Sense of initiative and ability to meet tight deadlines;
• Sense of precision;
• Integrity and discretion;
• Ease of contact;
• In-depth knowledge of the EU Financial Regulation and accounting or budget related background/experience would be an asset.
• Knowledge of software such as Visual Basic, Agora and Adonis would be an asset.

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