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Upravljanje energetske unije in čista energija

Opinion Number: CDR 830/2017
Rapporteur: HRANIĆ Bruno
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 12/07/2017
To obtain recognition of the role of the CoR and local and regional authorities in the Energy Union governance via contacts with the European Parliament and its rapporteur.
The trialogue ended on 20 June, and the text of the regulation was confirmed by the Coreper on 27 June 2018: in line with the CoR Opinion, it contains reference to a permanent Multilevel Climate and Energy Dialogue Platform where local authorities, civil society organisations, business community, investors and other relevant stakeholders and the general public can actively engage and discuss the different scenarios envisaged for energy and climate policies, including for the long term, and review progress. Integrated national energy and climate plans could be discussed within the framework of such a dialogue platform.

- considers that, in view of the politically recognised role of regional and local authorities in the implementation of sustainable energy policies, and taking into account the European Commission's aim of securing better regulation, national authorities should involve local and regional authorities in planning and monitoring in accordance with the constitutional and political provisions of each Member State;

- stresses that Member States should take into account explicitly the commitments entered into at local and regional level and the outcomes achieved under initiatives such as the Covenant of Mayors, and develop procedures for taking on board the contributions of all relevant government and administrative tiers with their integrated national energy and climate plans;

- advocates the establishment of a permanent Energy Dialogue Platform to support active engagement of local and regional authorities, civil society organisations, business community, investors, any other relevant stakeholders and the general public in managing the energy transition, including energy poverty;

Moreover, the European Commission should be required by the Regulation to:

- include in the Energy Union Committee, to be set up pursuant to the Regulation, one representative designated by the Committee of the Regions, who shall represent the local and regional authorities of the whole EU at institutional level.



Energy – Education – Sustainability: Investing in the future of the regions

date tbc - external ENVE Commission seminar

01 Nov

EU Annual SET Plan Conference - Strategic Energy Technology

Keynote speech by the CoR 1st VP, the key message: the CoR has therefore stressed in its opinion the need to configure energy policy in tight synergy with the European Union's research and innovation policy. The CoR considers that innovation in the sphere of renewable forms of energy, sustainable mobility, updating of existing energy infrastructure, the building of smart power stations, carbon binding and energy storage must be further supported at local level. The CoR has issued a number of important opinions on smart cities and related energy solutions. Our members are active participants in the Covenant of Mayors – a world-wide network of sustainable cities that unites more than 6,500 cities around the globe. This is heralded as the "world's biggest urban climate and energy network".
There are indeed many EU-funded projects that look at advanced energy solutions applied at local and regional level. I welcome in particular the realisation of FP7 or H2020 projects, which do not limit their activities to pure research and demonstration, but also involve urban communities and city administrations.

29 Nov

EUFORES Conference

Welcome address by the Mr Jiri Burianek the CoR Secretary-General explaining the CoR's position and interinstitution al activities on the Energy Union Winter package of 30 November 2016 in light of the opinions adopted during the CoR Plenary Session in July 2017

17 Oct

Smart Cities assembly

Keynote speech by the CoR 1st VP presenting the CoR's position: emphasis on local and regional innovation rt

12 Oct

Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration: Generating Sustainable Heat and Power for your Home

As a follow-up to the relevenat CoR Opinions on the Energy Union governance and EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling, the CoR President explained the CoR's position on the need for improvement of framework conditions for local and regional sustainable energy investment with a particular emphasis on new technology in the area of small scale combined heat and power generation.

11 Oct

External ENVE Conference Tallinn - ENERGY UNION

Rapporteur moderator of a specialised conference session, disseminating his position to be finalised, obtaining further advice from leading academic and NGO experts and enlisting support of the Estonian Council Presidency for the CoR's concerns on behalf of local and regional authorities

03 Jul

Keynote address by the rapporteur CEMR Group on Climate/ Energy transition

Joint policy recommendations discussed on the EC Winter package on the Energy Union with key stakeholders, to highlight local anbd regional interests, with a focus on energy union governance

21 Jun

CoR ENVE session of the EUSEW (Energy Week)

Disseminatoion of the rapporteur's work, discussion with key stakeholders, and work towards a joint position with regards to the EC's proposals under the latest Winter package (Energy Union) of 30 November 2016 - local and regional interests and, notably, amendments suggested to the draft regulation on governance to be supported by the European Parliament

20 Jun
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