Opinion Factsheet  

Lokalne in regionalne oblasti oblikujejo prihodnje vzhodno partnerstvo

Opinion Number: CDR 3731/2019
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Adopted
Date: 05/12/2019

Empowering and better involving local and regional authorities in shaping the Eastern Partnership should become a cross-cutting deliverable for the next decade.
A strategy to strengthen existing and regional and local initiatives would have a positive effect on the implementation of democratisation and reform processes. It also strengthens the economic power of the regions and municipalities in the EaP countries and thus creates new development perspectives for the citizens living there.

Through an own-initiative opinion, the CoR would contribute to the consultation process on the future of the EaP and raise awareness of the importance of targeted support for decentralisation and capacity building at local and regional level, through dialogue with LRAs, but also with civil society partners, who could play a major role in the process of decentralisation in EaP countries.

The opinion would be part of building momentum to secure the deserved acknowledgement of the role and engagement of local and regional authorities by heads of state or government at the next EaP Summit in June 2020.

 values the Eastern Partnership and supports its further development;

 has become actively involved through developing and consolidating the initiative at the level of regional and local authorities;

 believes that local and regional authorities play a significant role in ensuring that the Partnership's objectives are achieved and calls for wider participation of local and regional authorities in EU programmes implemented in the EaP countries;

 recommends strengthening the institutional basis of CORLEAP, so that the Conference better supports the process of stepping up decentralisation in EaP countries;

 advocates strengthening the capacity and quality of public administration and supports the CORLEAP initiative to create an education platform for online training and set up a school of public administration in one of the EaP countries;

 recommends ensuring stronger support for initiatives to boost local and regional entrepreneurship, particularly among SMEs;

 points out that cross-border cooperation initiatives are an important tool which could help achieve EaP goals;

 believes that expansion of communications networks should be an important element of strengthening cooperation.