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Local and regional leaders on board for the first European Innovation Days in Silicon Valley  

​Representatives of innovative European regions take part in the EU delegation trip focused on how to boost support for tech start-ups.

On 21 and 22 March, the Mayor of Gabrovo, Tanya Hristova (BG/EPP) - the Chair of the European Committee of the Regions' (CoR) Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture (SEDEC) - will represent the EU's assembly of local and regional authorities at the 'European Innovation Days' in San Francisco, California. The high-level delegation of entrepreneurs, investors, local and regional leaders and other innovation actors is led by Mariya Gabriel - European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

"Representatives of innovative EU regions are willing to boost support for tech start-ups at home to emulate Silicon Valley based on the perceived EU advantages: citizen-friendly and participative regulation of new developing technologies, social responsibility of business and cross-sectoral coordination of development and innovation strategies. In this context, carefully crafted public-private partnerships for appropriate innovation finance and funding are of paramount importance, and EU must learn both from success stories and from failures in other major economies and markets across the globe", the SEDEC Chair highlighted before the visit.

Mrs Hristova will participate in a panel discussion 'Aligning US and European Union innovation ecosystems. How does the New European Innovation Agenda create an effective innovation ecosystem in Europe?' on 22 March, focusing on the most recent developments in the European innovation landscape. The session will provide attendees with insights into the latest trends and developments in the European innovation ecosystems and discuss various stakeholders' collaborative efforts to co-implement the New European Innovation Agenda, exploring the opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation between European and US players.

CoR member Juan Garcia-Gallardo (ES/ECR), Vice-President of the Castilla y León Region in Spain, is also part of the delegation and will take the floor in the same session.

The event will aim at providing best practices and success stories in the European innovation landscape, their relation to the New European Innovation Agenda, and the identification of opportunities for US-Europe collaboration in the innovation sector, opening new ways to reduce the innovation divide and building an interconnected innovation ecosystem in Europe; goals that align with the Joint Action Plan between the CoR's SEDEC commission and Commissioner Mariya Gabriel's services (DG RTD, DG EAC and the Joint Research Centre) signed in November 2020.

In line with the New European Innovation Agenda, the President of the European Committee of the Region, Vasco Alves Cordeiro, together with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, will welcome Presidents and Regional Ministers of several EU territories in the high-level event 'Partnerships for Regional Innovation (PRI)' on 28 March. The initiative will provide a bridge between regions' smart specialisation strategies, backed by cohesion policy, and other EU policies promoting innovation-driven territorial transformation.​​​

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