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Recommendations adopted by CORLEAP in view of the Eastern Partnership leaders' video conference  

​​CORLEAP recommendations adopted in view of the Eastern Partnership leaders' video conference on 18 June 2020 reflect the main messages from various reports that CORLEAP has adopted since the last EaP summit. The message is based on a well-documented evaluation of the situation, carried out at the level of governance closest to citizens. 

CORLEAP recommendations welcome the Joint Communication on Eastern Partnership policy beyond 2020, in particular its inclusion of the proposal to set up an Eastern Partnership School of Public Administration, which would meet specific needs identified by local and regional authorities. CORLEAP members agree that sustainable economic development requires good governance at all levels, and should be underpinned by a new impetus for decentralisation reforms and generate more funding for local and regional authorities. Furthermore, CORLEAP remains committed to consolidating resilience at local level, by showcasing the success and potential of territorial cooperation, and by explaining and highlighting the benefits of Eastern Partnership policy for citizens.

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