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COTER - Stakeholders' consultation on European Territorial Cooperation  

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is drafting an opinion on the "European Territorial Cooperation" (the European Commission's legislative proposal COM(2018) 374 final). The rapporteur of the opinion, Ms Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis (FR/EA), would be happy to meet with representatives of local and regional associations and other relevant stakeholders for a consultation and an exchange of views on the topic of this opinion.

After a short introduction, stakeholders will be invited to exchange views with the rapporteur.

Interpretation will be provided in English and French.

In addition, if you have any position papers relevant to the subject, you are welcome to send them to us by e-mail to

You can now register to participate in this debate to shape the rapporteur's views. The deadline for registration is 13:00 on 31 August 2018.

Contact Person: Igor Caldeira
Organizer: COTER Commission
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