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How can the EU support communities in extreme poverty?  

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​​​​​Harghita County Council in Romania has several objectives related to local support, including social assistance, EU projects management and eradication of poverty, among other activities, having as subordinated institution the Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection.The council deals with several EU projects, including the Interreg Project 'Dream Road- Danube REgion for improved Access and eMpowerment of ROmA Development. 

The workshop aims to approach this sensitive subject not only in several EU member states, but also at EU level: the issue of extreme poverty, especially the questions and solutions for Roma communities. We would like to gather all proposals, based on stakeholders’ experiences and specialists’ approach, that are very much needed for an efficient and integrated action plan on such matters. The main objective is to elaborate and guarantee financial support and expertise to all member states, localities and regions in order to find sustainable solutions on long term.

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Contact Person: Éva Lukács
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