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Time to speak Cantabria  

​​​​​​​​CoR Member Paula FERNÁNDEZ VIAÑA (Renew Europe) organised a local event aiming at analysing the main concerns of young people in Cantabria

Cantabria is a practically rural region due to its orography and the dispersion of the population, which makes it necessary to delve into the major challenges facing society to ensure progress and the future of Cantabria, where young people have a leading role. 

Through associations, organisations and individually, young Cantabrians had the opportunity to participate in different thematic round tables in which they debated and dialogued on the role of youth in rural areas, digital transformation, policies tackling job insecurity and reinforcing social justice and decent employment. Also on the environment and the climate crisis we are facing and on the exodus and demographic change caused by the depopulation of our rural areas. 

The conclusions were presented by spokespersons, i.e. the young participants themselves in each thematic group, to the general public made up of some of the main representatives and political leaders of the town councils and the Government of Cantabria. They took note of the conclusions and demands made by the young people of Cantabria, that gave their point of view and claimed their space during these debates where progress and future were discussed. 

All these actions are included in the working priorities of the European Year of Youth and also in the working programme for 2023 of the European Committee of the Regions.

Speakers included: 

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Contact Person: Rosa Valdés Huidobro
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