Great world ideals all begin in some home neighbourhood

European territories facing societal challenges

The COVID19 crisis was economic and social. That is why the EU needs an inclusive recovery plan to revive the economy and empower local communities to cope with systemic changes, such as the green and digital transition.

Cohesion and recovery

The Cohesion Policy is one of the most effective tools to reduce regional disparities and boost economic innovation. Closer cooperation between recovery plans and the Cohesion Policy is what the EU needs to fully support its regions and cities.

Building the House of European Democracy

Enhancing the democratic functioning of the EU requires greater involvement of local and regional authorities. They are the closest to citizens and without them the House of European Democracy would have no foundation. Democracy in action is also reflected in the focus on diversity and youth participation across the programme.

 What is the European Summit of regions and cities?  

The European Summit of regions and cities is a gathering of local representatives organised every two years by the European Committee of the Regions to discuss the EU's future challenges.

This time, the Summit aims at increasing the impact and outreach of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The voices of regions and cities must be heard and listened to, as they are key contributors to the European project and play an essential role in placing citizens at the heart of Europe.

With the support of the French hosts and co-organisers, youth representatives, and a wide participation enabled by the hybrid format, the 9th European Summit of Regions and Cities invites citizens and their elected representatives to help design a more resilient, cohesive and democratic European Union.

One week ahead of the final plenary session of the Conference on the Future of Europe, we will look at the requests and suggestions from cities and regions engaged in recovery efforts and eager to cooperate in view of a more sustainable future.

In the margins of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the European Committee of the Regions has launched a survey on the future of Europe to find out what people really think about the European Union, its role, its benefits and its future challenges. The survey is available in all official EU languages, is open to all and is completely anonymous. 

Save the date: 3-4 March 2022 in Marseille​