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Biela kniha „Program pre primerané, bezpečné a udržateľné dôchodky“

Opinion Number: CDR 747/2012
Rapporteur: LINDQUIST Paul
Commission: ECOS-V
Status: Adopted
Date: 10/10/2012

- points out that all the key actors, including local and regional authorities, which operate supplementary pension schemes for a majority of public employees should be involved in the consultation process in reforming national pension systems;

- underlines that some aspects of EU pension policies and the EU 2020 strategy are mutually reinforcing. Achieving higher employment under the EU 2020 strategy will contribute to the overall sustainability of social protection and pension systems. Adequate pension benefits in turn are an essential prerequisite for realising the Europe 2020 strategy goal of reducing poverty, since older EU citizens continue to be a vulnerable group in socio-economic terms. Alongside any reform of pension schemes, a set of accompanying labour market policy measures is also needed in order to ensure that older people continue to have appropriate incomes in the future;

- given concern over the transparency as well as the level of fees and charges associated with the different forms of private pension arrangements, would welcome a benchmarking study with a view to application of best practice on an EU-wide basis;
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