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Pripravenosť na krízy a krízové riadenie: posilniť odolnosť Únie a jej regiónov a miest

Opinion Number: CDR 5928/2022
Rapporteur: CLERGEAU Christophe
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 24/05/2023
to contribute to the preparation of the European Vulnerability Scoreboard, in conjunction with the Joint Research Centre, the European Parliamentary Research Service and the ERCC, with a view to identifying challenges and proposing solutions to support local and regional resilience; and

to make policy proposals to:
 strengthen the role of local and regional authorities in policies to prepare for and manage crises at EU level;
 adapt or streamline the various instruments, whether they be old or new, in the area of crisis resilience, and in particular to consolidate a comprehensive approach to civil protection issues;
 ensure crisis resilience is made a priority across all relevant EU investment policies;
 tackle social and territorial inequalities when it comes to crises.

 calls for the territorial vulnerability scoreboard to be developed in close collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission to better understand and consider risks related to the vulnerabilities of local areas and populations;

 believes that Europe must invest in a new approach of societal preparedness, a collective capacity to prepare societies for the future crises and disasters, with emphasis on the civic, social and human dimension and with particular attention on the most vulnerable;

 calls for crisis resilience and tackling social and territorial vulnerabilities to become a political and programming priority for cohesion policy and for a policy debate on the use of future cohesion policy to respond to such vulnerabilities based on the territorial vulnerability scoreboard;

 proposes new initiatives to educate young children, provide training in first response and first aid for young people and promote voluntary civic engagement;

 proposes setting up a European risk and crisis school to provide training pathways, develop professional frameworks and accreditation schemes;

 calls for a cross-cutting approach to vulnerability, crisis preparedness and crisis management and for the index and the vulnerability scoreboard to be taken into account in other EU policies beyond cohesion policy.



The meeting of the rapporteur, Mr. Clergeau with the Permanent Representation of France to the EU

15 Mar
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