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Integrácia, spolupráca a výkonnosť systémov zdravotnej starostlivosti

Opinion Number: CDR 5493/2016
Rapporteur: SACRÉDEUS Birgitta
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 22/03/2017
This own-initiative opinion (OIO) connects the CoR with the brand new initiative by Commissioner Andriukaitis "State of Health in the EU". Announced in June at the EPSCO Council, this project will kick off with the presentation of a report on 23 November, providing analytical data on the European health systems. This report and subsequent activities by the EC, OECD and MS will set the tone for policy debates and decisions over the coming years – and the voice of local and regional authorities should not be excluded from this exercise.
The NAT commission will host a hearing with the Commissioner on its meeting on 27/11, combined with an exchange of views on the OIO. This should generate public opinion interest, provide a timely contribution to policy developments and uphold the CoR position as a forum where health policy and practice at EU and subnational levels blend in and cross-influence one another.
The Maltese Presidency will organise a large conference next year on structural cooperation between healthcare systems. A speaking slot for the CoR is requested.

 considers that in order to achieve health equality, it is essential that everyone has access to healthcare and that jointly funded care is provided in accordance with needs;

 thinks that the European healthcare systems need to adapt to a new disease profile in which chronic diseases represent a very large proportion of the healthcare burden;

 considers that greater emphasis should be placed on preventive action and health promotion, and that the primary care systems should be strengthened;

 believes that mental health must be given the same priority as physical health;

 finds that the EU needs to be more consistent in applying the principle of "health in all policies";

 supports the initiatives taken for voluntary cooperation between Member States on procurement, pricing and access to medicines, and encourages more efforts to capture possible economic and qualitative advantages of cooperating in the field of cost-intensive and/or highly specialized medical equipment;

 proposes that the European Commission establish an Erasmus like programme for healthcare professionals;

 welcomes the new action plan to address antibiotic resistance that the Commission intends to publish, reminds the Member States of their commitment to have in place before mid-2017 national action plans against antimicrobial resistance and calls on the health ministries to involve local and regional authorities in the development and implementation of these plans;



WHO RHN-CoR coonference "Keeping people at the centre of health care and sustainable development policies"

The Rapporteur delivered a keynote address at the conference organised by the UN WHO RHN and the Euroregio Meuse-Rhine on 26-28 June. Speaking in the same room where the Treaty of Maastricht was signed 25 years ago, the Rapporteur highlighted the role of local and regional authorities in the policy-making at the European level and stressed the importance of resilient, accessible and effective health systems. Delivering health is delivering wealth, said the Rapporteur to the audience.

26 Jun

Conference "Shifting To Value: Transforming Europe's Health Systems"

The rapporteur took part in the conference "Shifting To Value: Transforming Europe's Health Systems" where she presented the regional perspectives of value-based healthcare (VBHC).

06 Dec
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