Opinion Factsheet  

Únia rovnosti: akčný plán EÚ proti rasizmu na roky 2020 2025

Opinion Number: CDR 4617/2020
Rapporteur: RENSTRÖM Yoomi
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 07/05/2021
local and regional authorities to be recognised as strategic partners in designing, implementing and monitoring national action plans.
adequate financial resources to be earmarked for local and regional authorities in the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework, from EU funds and from Next Generation EU.
adoption of local and regional anti-racism action plans.
CoR as a platform for the further development of measures to combat racism at local and regional level.
need for national anti-racism action plans to be properly monitored by the Commission within the timeframe set, with clear and measurable targets.
evaluation of the effectiveness of the national anti-racism action plans should be scheduled two years after their establishment, with full information from local and regional authorities.
CoR's involvement in the "European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity".