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Oznámenie Komisie Rade a Európskemu parlamentu o dlhodobom financovaní európskeho hospodárstva

Opinion Number: CDR 3235/2014
Rapporteur: KROCHMAL Witold
Commission: ECOS-V
Status: Adopted
Date: 07/10/2014

 stresses that the conditions for financing of the real economy are fundamentally reshaped by the on-going financial, economic and social crisis. Against this backdrop, the public and private long- term investments are increasingly complementary. Indeed, public investment is not only a stimulus for private investment but constitutes most often a prerequisite for setting the appropriate structural conditions of a regional economy and plays a role as an automatic stabilizer, that is to say a countercyclical buffer in times of negative economic conditions;

 feels that regional and municipal banks could play a special role in some Member States in relation to long-term financing, as they have the best knowledge of a given region's economy, and are often in a position to pursue effective and efficient long-term economic financing policies in that region;

 feels that pension funds are the most strongly predisposed to invest resources long-term given that they have long-term liabilities to meet; encourages EU, national and regional institutions to establish guarantee schemes in order to reduce risks and encourage investors to use pension and insurance scheme resources for long-term financing;

 encourages local and regional authorities to carry out structural investments with yields sufficiently high to make cooperation on infrastructure project implementation attractive for infrastructure investment funds.



CoR Commission activity

Publication of the opinion brochure

09 Nov

CoR Plenary Session

Adoption during the COR Plenary session

06 Oct

Rapporteur's activities

Meeting with the European Commission

24 Jun

CoR Commission activity

ECOS Commission adopted the draft opinion

14 Jun

CoR Commission activity

The ECOS commission appointed Mr Witold Krochmal (PL/EA) as rapporteur for the opinion "Long-Term Financing of the European Economy"

15 May

European Commission

The European Commission has adopted the COM proposal (COM(2014)168 final)

26 Mar
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