Fit for Future opinion on a European interoperability framework 


CoR representative in the Fit for Future Platform (F4F), Anne Karjalainen (PES/FI), has been appointed rapporteur for the platform's opinion on a European interoperability framework.

The European Commission is evaluating the current European interoperability framework and assess its support in setting up interoperable digital public services. It also elaborates the proposal on the EU governments interoperability strategy, announced in the Communication 'Shaping Europe's digital future' . The aim is to establish a common EU level interoperability governance to ensure cross-border coordination, support public sector innovation and define minimum common specifications for secure and borderless public sector data flows and services.

In 2022, RegHub will conduct a stakeholder consultation on this topic, feeding into the platform's opinion. The opinion is scheduled for adoption in Q4 2022.

You can find the 2022 work programme of F4F here.

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