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Regional Operational Programme in Nitra  
​To talk about the positive impact of EU help and financial support for Nitra Self-governing Region in the last programming period is actually to evaluate the results of a policy of solidarity and economic, social and territorial cohesion. Seen in this light, it has to be said that the largest volume of funds for Nitra region in the period 2007–2013 were allocated from the (ROP), which seeks to eliminate disparities between and within regions. ROP funds were the most effective form of support and the one most in demand from the region’s towns, cities and higher territorial units for their most important development priorities.
More than 300 projects were approved for ROP co-financing from Nitra region applicants, amounting to a non-repayable investment of more than EUR 216 million. The city of Nitra and Nitra Self-governing Region see implementation of European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) programmes as an important opportunity and a means of developing regions through cooperation. The founding members of the new Pontibus EGTC are convinced it will help to further the overall aim for which it was set up, namely strengthening economic and social cohesion – and not just between the regions and areas along the Danube. There will be no shortage of other initiatives to extend economic cooperation between Slovakia’s southern regions support has been channelled into rebuilding schools, social infrastructure, libraries, museums and galleries – in other words, into areas that have a high priority for society as a whole. In a third of Nitra region’s towns  the implementation of regeneration projects has improved the quality and safety of roads, public spaces and lighting.
Nitra region is responsible for roads and is using ROP funds for, among other things, relaying and upgrading a total of 226 kilometres of class II and class III roads. As well as investment projects, the ROP has been targeted at projects to boost tourism and at regional strategy documents. The region has
and Hungary, especially Pest county, as well as collaboration on transport, culture and other fields. The EGTC members have also marked out priority areas for cooperation that fit hand in glove with the directions set out in strategy documents at all levels and in all areas. In the present programming period, Nitra Self-governing Region wants to build on the experience of past years. A Regional Integrated Territorial Strategy for 2014 – 2020 has been adopted under the Integrated Regional Operational Programme. Its aim is to help better the quality of life for the region’s population, provide sustainable public services and support smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs with a view to improving the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the region and its cities and towns.
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