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Stakeholder consultation on the EU Cyber Solidarity Act and Digital resilience  

The digital transformation of public administrations is one of the four cardinal points of the EU Digital Compass and Member States are investing intensely in the digital transformation of their public administrations. However, while more and more services provided by the EU public sector become digital and mutually interconnected, the risk of major cyber-attacks or a physical attack on critical infrastructures sharply increases, potentially leading to a "digital pandemic".

The higher uptake of digital technologies increas​es exposure to cyber security incidents and their potential impact is the subject matter of the recent Commission proposal for an EU Cyber Solidarity Act (COM(2023) 209). The proposal, based on latest data on cyber-attacks from state and non-state actors as well as the recent research on key actions to minimise potential risks related to the interaction between the green and digital transition (see 2022 Strategic Foresight Report), acknowledges the clear risk of rapid spill-over of cyber incidents on critical infrastructure from one Member State to others.

The objectives of the present legislative proposal are:

  1. to strengthen common EU detection and situational awareness of cyber threats and incidents, and thus contribute to European technological sovereignty in the area of cybersecurity;
  2. to reinforce preparedness of critical entities across the EU and strengthen solidarity by developing common response capacities against significant or large-scale cybersecurity incidents, including by making incident response support available for third countries. associated to DEP;
  3. to enhance Union resilience and contribute to effective response by reviewing and assessing significant or large-scale incidents, including drawing lessons learned and, where appropriate, recommendations.

This proposal is of significant relevance for local and regional authorities, who need to seek a well-balanced level of cybersecurity in order to prevent cyber-incidents from happening, to protect against them and to recover from damages potentially incurred. The CoR has, therefore, appointed Pehr Granfalk (SE/EPP), Member of Solna Municipal Council, as rapporteur for an Opinion on the EU Cyber Solidarity Act and Digital resilience. Before drafting it, the rapporteur would like to gather your views and feedback on this topic. The opinion is scheduled for adoption at the ECON Commission meeting of 18/19 October 2023 and at the Plenary Session of 29/30 November 2023.

Please note that the meeting will be held in English and no interpretation will be provided.

You will also be able to take part in the meeting remotely via this link.​

To attend the meeting, please register HERE by 8 September 2023, 15:00 CET.

Contact Person: Marek Bobis
Organizer: ECON secretariat
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