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Functional Cities - Europe in my Region  
​Urban Resilience how do we make our regions and cities function, even under pressure?

The objective of this event in Malmö is to engage and discuss on regional challenges to urban resilience.
Furthermore, ideas and thoughts shall be generated on how this is relevant for Europe on collaboration, innovation and citizens engagements. ​

Introductive presentations will be framing the event. Followed by collaborative problem challenging workshops with local and regional inputs. The event will be rapped up by discussions and summaries. The expected outcome: Better understanding of urban resilience challenges and input from our region on these challenges to be communicated to the European Committee of the Regions and presented in Brussels on the 12th of October.

Target audience: Politicians from local and regional level., City and regional officials, Private sector, Academia, NGO:s, Students, Citizens.

Organizer: Resilient Regions Association
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