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The future of the EU and the role of the regions / BREXIT: a regional perspective  

Commission for citizenship, governance, institutional and external affairs (CIVEX)

Part I: Conference - The future of the EU and the role of the regions

10 April 2018, 11:00-18:00
European Committee of the Regions
Rue Belliard/Belliardstraat 99-101, Brussels

A wide debate on the future of Europe is taking place, at a time of multiple challenges for the European integration. At the same time, we see the striking calls for greater autonomy or even independence by several regions in Europe, an intensified regional lobbying, transnational regional cooperation and macro-regional strategies. These developments illustrate the need to discuss what role the regions could and should play in the future EU27.

Towards the background of the debate about the future of the EU, the subsidiarity principle and the role of regions and cities in European affairs, this one-day conference will bring together politicians and academics in order to discuss some of the most important questions in this respect:

  • What role is there for regions to foster democracy in the EU?
  • What are the potential effects of a “multi-speed Europe” on regions?
  • How can the “subsidiarity mechanism” be enhanced?
  • How do regions respond to the changes in the EU’s economic governance?
  • Do “macro-regions” have an impact on governance across borders?
  • What are the challenges for regions with regards to a “social Europe” and the future of EU cohesion policy?

The two rounds of three parallel workshops are at the heart of the conference. Based on inputs from elected politicians and CoR members and academics, they will allow to discuss these questions in more detail.

The event invites representatives of regional, national and European parliaments, governments and associations as well as researchers and experts from EU institutions, universities and think tanks. Two plenary sessions and six working groups will be held in an interactive way; the results will feed in the activities of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) on the future of the EU and academic research in the field.

The conference is co-organised by the CoR and Prof Dr Gabriele Abels, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence PRRIDE, University of Tübingen, Germany, in cooperation with Prof Dr Ulrike Guérot, Danube University Krems, Austria, founder of the European Democracy Lab.

Part II: BREXIT: a regional perspective

18:30 – 20:00 Panel debate (Room JDE 51)

During this debate, the current state of the Brexit negotiations and its impact on the economic and social situation of the regions in the UK and the 27 member states of the EU will be discussed.

  • Mairi Angela Gougeon, Member of the Scottish Parliament and CoR member (tbc);
  • Prof Dr Ulrike Guérot, Danube University Krems, Austria
  • Prof Dr Raquel Ortega Argilés, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom;
  • Michael Murphy, Councillor, Tipperary County Council and CoR member ,

Moderator: Prof Dr Gabriele Abels, Director of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence PRRIDE, University of Tübingen, Germany.

21:00                   Reception

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Registration deadline: Monday, 9th of April, 12 am (midday)
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