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The Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) meets the European Plastics Pact (EuRPP)  

​​​​Key representatives of the Circular Plastics Alliance, a stakeholder-driven initiative launched and supported by the European Commission to boost plastics recycling and recycled plastics in Europe, and the European Plastics Pact, a coalition of front-running European companies and governments to accelerate the transition to a circular plastics economy, are meeting to explore new action they can take together in 2023. 

The meeting will be opened by the European Commission (DG GROW and DG ENV), and the European Plastics Pact’s secretariat (the NGO WRAP), and will include collective discussion around the following questions: what are the key challenges for the plastics value chain for 2023, in the current EU and global contexts? In which areas is stakeholder mobilisation and value chain cooperation most important? Which projects/actions should the two initiatives pursue together in 2023 and beyond?

Contact Person: Laure Baillargeon
Organizer: EC, DG GROW, Green and Circular Economy Unit
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