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NAT Conference on RURAL post-2020  
Conference on RURAL post-2020 :
more ambitious, more transversal!
A Rural Agenda to re-enchant the European project
4 May 2017 (10.00 – 17.00)
You are invited to register to the conference via the following link until 2 May end of the day.
Only registered participants will be granted access to the conference room. No registration will be accepted after this deadline.
Here we go! Europe's work on the post-2020 programme has begun. New elements emerge with each week that passes, mostly in the form of questions. The White Paper on the future of Europe presents several scenarios, some of which raise questions regarding the Union's priority objectives, such as territorial cohesion or rural-urban balance. How do we envisage Europe's future policies on rural areas? The Cork 2.0 Declaration provides an overview of stakeholder wishes: how can these interests and objectives be translated into political commitment? It is time to embark on a process of reflection that goes beyond simply adjusting the various sectoral politics. It is no longer enough to continue to propose changes to the structure and measures of the CAP. Today's situation calls for greater coherence in terms of European policies and resources. Rural stakeholders are asking for a cross-cutting, pan-European policy approach. This is what lies behind the call for a European Rural Agenda launched by R.E.D., the European Countryside Movement and the European Committee of the Regions.
These are some of the issues being raised at this seminar, co-organised by the NAT commission of the European Committee of the Regions and the Rurality-Environment-Development (R.E.D.) association, in cooperation with the European Countryside Movement What are the latest developments in the "rural proofing" proposed in the Cork Declaration? The first part of the seminar will look at how the framework has been implemented in the light of practical experience. The second part of the seminar will introduce the debate on mobilising some European thematic policies in support of rural areas, discussing territorial cohesion and the positive links between rural and urban poles. The afternoon session will discuss policies that need to be carried out by the Commission and other European authorities to boost rural areas.
Interpretation will be available in DE/EN/FR and PL
The conference programme will be regularly updated in April. 
Jacques Delors Building room JDE 52, rue Belliard 99-101, Brussels
co-organised by Rurality-Environment-Development (R.E.D.) and
the NAT commission of the European Committee of the Regions
on 4 May 2017 (10.00 – 17.00)

Organizer: NAT commission - RED
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