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Concrete Borders  
​Concrete Borders proposes a journey along the Atlantic Wall and the Fortification of the Pyrenees, two impressive defensive infrastructures built in the context of the Second World War that practically meet at the mouth of the Bidasoa River, where their promoters, the dictators Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco, met in 1940. 

The exhibition reveals the strategic motivations that led to the inception of the Atlantic Wall and the Fortification of the Pyrenees, showing the development of the two colossal projects and devotes special attention to their real protagonists, hundreds of thousands of workers, mostly they politically repressed by Nazism and Francoism, subjected to terrible conditions of misery and violence.  

Concrete Borders encourages us to rediscover bunkers and structures now half-buried on the beaches of the Bay of Biscay or covered by vegetation just a few steps from the border, and to understand them as scars of a traumatic and ominous past.  

LIMITED ACCESS : For security reasons, exhibitions in the CoR are only accessible to visitors carrying a badge granting them permanent access to the CoR (e.g. EU officials), or carrying a special badge as a registered participant to an event (conference, meeting, event) held on the CoR premises. No access will be granted to external visitors who do not carry a valid badge. To obtain such a badge, you must be either an EU official or a registered participant at one of the activities or events taking place in the CoR.

Contact Person: Ana García
Organizer: Gobierno de Navarra
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