CoR networks enable regions and cities to contribute to the EU debate and to exchange experiences and best practice in specific EU policies.

CoR Monitoring Platform

The CoR Monitoring Platform monitors the involvement of local and regional authorities in the European Semester of economic policy coordination and in the EU's long-term strategy for sustainable growth.

Mission and key activities


Monitor the involvement of regional and local authorities in the European Semester and in the EU's long-term strategy for sustainable growth.

Key activities
  • Monitoring opportunities and challenges for local and regional authorities to get involved in the design and implementation of structural reforms in the context of the European Semester
  • Consulting its members, either electronically or by organising events where regional and local authorities can voice their opinions and concerns
  • Providing inputs to the CoR political and legislative work on how to give the European Semester and the EU's long-term strategy for sustainable growth a clearer territorial dimension

Subsidiarity Monitoring Network

The Subsidiarity Monitoring Network (SMN) was set up to facilitate the exchange of information between local and regional authorities and the Union level through the whole policy cycle regarding various documents and legislative proposals which, once adopted, will have a direct impact on these authorities and the policies for which they are responsible.

Its members include Parliaments and Governments of regions with legislative powers, local and regional authorities without legislative powers and local government associations in the European Union. It is also open to CoR national delegations and chambers of national parliaments.

Mission and key activities

  • Enabling local and regional authorities to be active in monitoring the application of the subsidiarity and proportionality principles
  • Supporting regions with legislative powers through REGPEX – a subnetwork of the SMN open to parliaments and governments of regions with legislative powers
Key activities
  • Supporting parliaments and governments from regions with legislative powers via specific platform REGPEX during the Early Warning System period
  • Raising awareness of the practical application of the subsidiarity principle and facilitating best-practice exchange
  • Keeping CoR rapporteurs and members informed about contributions regarding subsidiarity and proportionality from a representative network of local and regional authorities
  • Identifying measures for better law-making, cutting red tape and increasing the acceptance of EU policies by EU citizens
  • Facilitating inter-institutional dialogue on subsidiarity through a biennial Subsidiarity Conference

European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation

The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation facilitates cross-border, transnational or interregional cooperation by creating one single legal entity.

Mission and key activities


Enable regional and local authorities from different Member states to cooperate more effectively, for instance, by allowing them to directly apply for and manage European funds and better structure their cooperation   

Key activities
  • The CoR is the official EU register of the EGTCs
  • The EGTC Platform integrates the political and technical representatives of all the existing EGTCs, EGTCs under construction and experts
  • The Platform aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences on the ground, to promote the EGTC as a tool for territorial cohesion and give visibility to the EGTC projects, while supporting the consultative works of the CoR in cross-border issues

European Portal of Decentralised Cooperation for Development

The European Portal of Decentralised Cooperation for Development is a tool created jointly by the European Commision and the European Committee of the Regions to monitor local and regional authorities' development cooperation, to facilitate matchmaking between LRAs willing to engage in decentralized cooperation, and to inform stakeholders, including policy makers and practitioners, about these decentralised cooperation activities. 

Mission and key activities


Provide a response to the lack of information on LRA's development cooperation, identify areas of fragmentation, gaps or duplication of activities, and support matchmaking between decentralised cooperation actors

Key activities
  • Managing both a database and a series of interactive cartographic maps showing cooperation activities funded and/or carried out by LRAs
    • The database contains detailed information about LRA's development projects. By using the customised query, all registered users can enter, select and extract data from the database
    • The Decentralised Cooperation Stock Exchange (Bourse) serves as an instrument to match EU local and regional authorities (LRAs) willing to engage in development cooperation with their counterpartners in partner countries
    • The interactive maps provide the main facts and figures on decentralised cooperation activities and present clearly who is doing what where, both from the EU side and from the developing countries' point of view

Covenant of Mayors

The European Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy brings together local and regional authorities voluntarily committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives on their territories. This unique bottom-up movement is shaped by cities who share vision of decarbonised and resilient territories where citizens have access to secure, sustainable and affordable energy.

Mission and key activities


Provide a bottom-up support for the implementation of the EU Climate and Energy Package, adopted in 2008 by heads of state and government

Key activities
  • CoR's Covenant of Mayors ambassadors [link to list] – local and regional elected politicians whose regions and cities already are signatories of the Covenant – represent the CoR at national and international events and encourage towns, cities and regions to join the initiative
  • Exchanging knowledge and best practice, particularly on financing climate change mitigation and adaptation measures