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AC - Plan de acțiune în vederea sprijinirii protecţiei spaţiilor publice

Opinion Number: CDR 5902/2017
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Adopted
Date: 04/07/2018
To simplify and to increase the access to European Union funds for non-state actors, to open them up to local authorities of all sizes, and to ensure that funds are used efficiently.
To support the development of cross-sectoral cooperation and coordination mechanisms, at local level, for first responders in the immediate response to terrorist attacks, incl. via trainings, exercises and exchange of best practice and lessons learned.
Local communities needs support in incorporating effectively security by design solutions into construction of new buildings and public areas, and renovations of soft target facilities and further investment in discrete detection capabilities using all modern technology available.
The Commission welcomed the CoR opinion and took in consideration the following suggestions:

to simplify and increase access to European Union funds for non-state actors, open them up to local authorities of all sizes.
The local and regional authorities were eligible to apply for funding under the Internal Security Fund Police, as in previous calls for proposals.

to contribute to effective protection of public spaces in all the phases: planning, design, construction, refurbishment and renovation.This includes any appropriate method for filtering or blocking people, objects or vehicles, containing or evacuating victims or facilitating rescue operations and subsequent investigations.

to continue to allocate funds, paying particular attention to projects promoted by local and regional authorities and giving preference to innovative projects designed with a view to disseminating them further.
The European Commission published on 28 November 2018 a call for proposals for € 5 million on preventing and countering violent radicalisation, focusing on local dimension, the involvement of communities and the multi-agency approach.The Urban Innovative Actions initiative of the European Commission launched on 15 October its fourth Call for Proposals with a global budget of EUR 80-100million.The call was aimed at providing urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. Projects related to radicalisation at the local level can be found under one of the four topics: “Urban Security”.


 notes that national security remains the responsibility of the Member States but underlines also that cooperation with EU and non EU partners is essential;

 highlights in this context the importance of mobilisation by local elected officials in increasing public awareness and in trying to prevent terrorism through social integration and re-building communities after terrorist attacks;

 stresses that the operational measures, coordination actions and guidelines set out in the action plan are inseparable from the EU's policies, actions and instruments, including judicial cooperation in criminal matters, police cooperation, civil protection and crisis management, and preventing radicalisation;

 stresses that a balance must be maintained between preserving individual and collective freedoms including the protection of personal data and the aim to maintain open societies and accessible public spaces on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the possible restriction of these freedoms in cases where this is necessary, lawful, proportionate, appropriate to the circumstances, measured, reversible and limited in space and time.



Meeting with Ms. Amparo Marco Gual, Mayor of Castellon de la Plana

The main objective of the meeting was to share best practices and useful solutions to better protect public spaces, and to raise awareness about the importance of the physical protection of these open spaces.

16 May

Meeting with Mrs.Wallis Goelen, Head of Unit “Inclusive Growth, Urban and Territorial Development", DG Regio, European Commission

In order to prepare his opinion, Mr. Barnier had a meeting with Ms. Wallis Goelen Vandebrock, Head of Unit, Inclusive Growth, Urban and Territorial Development, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy in order to discuss about financial support which will be available for the cities investing in security solutions under Urban Innovative Actions.

22 Mar

EU Mayors' Conference: Building Urban Defences Against Terrorism: Lessons Learned From Recent Attacks

The target audience of the conference included mayors/city representatives of EU cities that have been affected by terrorism (such as: London, Manchester, Barcelona, Berlin and Stockholm) and cities from which it is known that they are specifically engaged with the protection against terrorism and the prevention of radicalisation (such as: Mechelen and Sintra). Also, the EU cities that have signed the Nice Declaration, all EU capitals and local and regional authorities from the European Committee of the Regions CIVEX commission were invited.

The opening remarks were delivered by the Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos, Commissioner for the Security Union Sir Julian King and the President of European Committee of the Regions Karl-Heinz Lambertz.

Mr. Jean-François Barnier was speaker in the panel of discussion "Security by design in public buildings, the urban landscape and public-private cooperation".

The main objective of the panel discussion was to share best practices and useful solutions to better protect public spaces, and to raise awareness about the importance of the physical protection of these open spaces.
The panel brought together different experts, such as: scientists, security specialists and urban planners who discussed possible practical measures that are already introduced or can be introduced to improve the security of public buildings and spaces without affecting their open nature and discussed concepts such as security by design.

08 Mar
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