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CoR survey on Digital resilience  

The CoR has just launched a study on Digital Resilience, which will investigate the state of play of digital resilience across local and regional authorities (LRAs) from the EU27 countries and understand which solutions and funds are used at the subnational level to strengthen it.

The four specific objectives of the study are 1) To understand the state of play of digital resilience and experience with cyber-attacks at the subnational level, 2) To map the funding opportunities actually used by European local and regional authorities for investments in digital resilience, 3) To define potential steps to be taken at the subnational level to increase digital resilience and 4) To assess the cost of digital non-resilience taking into account the need of public administrations to guarantee public service provision and integrity of citizens’ and enterprises’ data. The study will be ready by April 2023. As part of the study, we are conducting a short survey on your experience on digital resilience – you are most welcome to express your interest in participating to


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