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ARLEM at the 6th UfM Regional Forum  

​​​​On 29 November 2021, ARLEM vice-president André Viola, member of the Departmental Council of Aude (France), addressed the co-presidency of the Union for the Mediterranean and ministers of foreign affairs at the UfM Sixth Regional Forum held in the framework of the celebrations of the Day of the Mediterranean of 28 of November.

The meeting was an opportunity to share an overview of the progress made since the adoption of the UfM Roadmap for Action in 2017, and within the priorities decided last year, in 5 areas of action where the UfM can play a crucial role towards an inclusive and sustainable post-pandemic recovery, namely Environmental and climate action, Sustainable and inclusive economic and human development, Social inclusiveness and equality, Digital transformation and Civil protection. Mr Viola recalled ARLEM's role in these different fields, mentioning for example the ARLEM reports on the "Blue Economy" and on "Agriculture and food security in the context of climate change in the Mediterranean" but also the ARLEM Award which since 2019 has allowed to showcase a successful example of youth entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region as an inspiration to others and the Nicosia Initiative that since 2015 has been helping to improve public services in Libya but also helping them to enter the international community through peer-to-peer cooperation, a model that now it is been extended to other areas of our neighborhood.

In the concluding statement, the UfM co-presidency states explicitly that ARLEM have to continue to play their role to amplify the voices of local and regional authorities and to promote the territorialisation of the Euro-Mediterranean sectoral policies.

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