EuroPCom series -Workshop: Facing up to fake news  
EuroPCom series -Workshop: Facing up to fake news

Workshop: Facing up to fake news
The aim of this workshop was to identify potential disruptive impacts of fake news on political campaigning, communication around the EU, and democratic discourse in general, and share examples of practical methods and techniques to tackle this threat, using the experience and research from selected experts. The focus of the workshop was on communication rather than policy.
Access to the report and speakers' presentations :
Linda Curika, Public Relations Officer, NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence
Daniel Fazekas, social media expert and founder at Bakamo.Social
Ruurd Oosterwoud, developer of serious game "Bad News" and founder at DROG
Marjory van den Broeke, Head of Spokesperson’s Unit and Deputy Spokesperson, European Parliament
Moderator: Katrina Sichel