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NAT written stakeholder consultation on New EU Forest Strategy for 2030  

​The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is preparing an Opinion on the New EU Forest Strategy for 2030.

The New EU Forest strategy for 2030, published in July 2021, reflects European Green Deal and EU biodiversity strategy for 2030 while contributing to "Fit for 55 Package".  It builds upon its previous edition in 2013 and the Implementation review in 2018.

The Strategy presents concrete plan for 2030, combining regulatory, financial and voluntary measures, including measures to strengthen forest protection and restoration, enhancing sustainable forest management, improving the monitoring and effective decentralized planning on forests.

The CoR Rapporteur is Mr. Joan CALABUIG RULL (ES/PES), Regional Secretary for the European Union and External Relations of the Government of Valencia and Member of the Commission for Natural Resources (NAT) of the CoR.

By means of this written consultation, Mr Calabuig would like to consult relevant stakeholders and gather their input on the following questions:

  • What should the role of the EU Forest Strategy be in your view?
  • Do you think that the dialogue with Member States, regions and the forest sector was transparent, clear, participative and efficient in the preparation of the Strategy? What do you propose to improve this process?
  • Do you support a stronger governance framework as proposed by the European Commission to achieve the objectives of the Strategy? What do you propose to improve governance?
  • What are the main obstacles and/or barriers to implementing the main targets of the Forest Strategy at regional/local level?
  • Do you think that the actual proposal of the Strategy stimulates compatibility between environmental, social and economic functions of forests? How can this balance be improved from the point of view of your region?
  • For the green transition to succeed, we need healthier, more resilient and more diverse forests. Which actions and measures are most needed to enhance forest biodiversity, adapt forests to climate change, make them more resilient and strengthen carbon sequestration?
  • What should be done in your view to reduce the risk of major disturbances (bushfires, hurricanes, snows and pests)? What do you propose to add to the actual Strategy proposal regarding this aspect?
  • Regarding the European Commission initiative/pledge to plant at least 3 billion additional trees in the EU by 2030, do you prioritise afforestation or reforestation in comparison to sustainable forest management? Do you have any similar initiative in your region (such as afforestation of degraded land, forest restoration, planting trees in urban areas, etc.) or are you planning to take part in the European Commission pledge?
  • What should be done in your view to ensure that forests continue to provide rural communities with livelihoods and income?
  • What are the main forest-related challenges facing the forest-based industry sector in your region?
  • Do you agree with the limitation of the energy use of forest biomass? Where do you establish your limits in your region?
  • How can the collection of data, knowledge and monitoring of EU forests be improved? What are the main obstacles to collecting data?
  • EU funding for forestry represents less than 1% of the CAP budget. How can the level of use of EU funding in the field of forestry be increased? Any best practices to share? Has your region benefitted from EU funds in the forest sector?
  • Are there any other points – not already included in this document – that you think should be addressed in the opinion?

Please send your contributions before 6th of December 2021.

This written stakeholder consultation will provide useful information for the rapporteur and feed into his draft opinion.

In addition, the NAT Commission is also organizing an exchange of views on this opinion during its meeting of 22 November 2021 on the basis of the Working Document that you can consult here in all EU languages.

Contact Person: Anemarija Kosjek | Susanna Sjostrom
Organizer: NAT Commission Secretariat
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