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New Role for Cities and Regions in Promoting Entrepreneurship and SMEs  

​​​​​The CoR ECON commission is organising an external seminar on the New role for regions and cities in promoting entrepreneurship and SMEs on 27 November 2019 in Helsinki and Espoo (Finland). The seminar is an integral part of the European Commission's annual SME Assembly.

The objective of the seminar is to explore how EU regions and cities can best deliver on the European strategic agenda 2020-2025, by leveraging entrepreneurship and SMEs, mobilizing resources for R&D and innovation, investing in education and skills and promoting internal and external collaboration and knowledge transfer. The seminar can provide a forum for input to future EU industrial strategies and policies or action plans supporting the SMEs and the EU single market.

As part of the seminar, a study visit will take place to the Espoo Innovation Garden, showcasing a successful model of local driven innovation ecosystem.

The event will gather members of the ECON commission as well as policy experts from the EU, national, regional and local level, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders taking part in the SME Assembly.


Contact Person: Piotr Zajaczkowski
Organizer: Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, Aalto university, Espoo Esbo, European Commission and European Committee of the Regions
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