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 SEDEC - Written Stakeholder Consultation on 'The Restart of Cultural and Creative Sectors'  


Restart of Cultural and Creative Sectors


Rapporteur: Giuseppe VARACALLI (IT/Renew Europe)

Consigliere comunale del Comune di Gerace (RC)



General context

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on cultural and creative sectors (CCS), artists and their audiences alike. The cancelation of concerts and events, the closure of museums had a substantial negative economic and social effects on the artists and staff, as well as the public.

The economic impact of the crisis differs greatly between different parts of the economy and between regions. The European Commission estimates show that tourism, the social economy and the creative and cultural ecosystems could see a more than 70% drop in turnover in the second quarter of 2020.[1]

But at the same time adaptation became widespread, the artists reinventing themselves and making use of alternative methods of creation and performance: virtual concerts, virtual museum visits etc. Cities and regions stepped up their efforts in support to these sectors (local good practices are illustrated in the SEDEC Bulletins).

On 11 September 2020, the European Committee of the Regions' Bureau approved the proposal by the SEDEC commission to draft an own-initiative opinion on the Restart of Cultural and Creative Sectors.

The SEDEC commission will adopt the draft opinion on the Restart of Cultural and Creative Sectors, with Giuseppe VARACALLI (IT/Renew Europe) as rapporteur, at its meeting on 25 November 2020.

The main objective of the draft opinion will be to speak with a strong voice in support of CCS, seriously affected by the COVID-19 crisis, and to call for a culture of solidarity in the recovery phase.

The Opinion will also seek to promote culture as a key driver for strengthening the European identity and argue for it to have a more prominent place in the discussion on the Future of Europe.


Purpose of the consultation

With the aim of including a range of different positions and so enrich the opinion, encompassing the local and regional point of view and that of associations and organisations working in the field of cultural and creative sectors, the rapporteur would like to ask you a number of questions in the form of a written consultation facilitated by the European Committee of the Regions.

The consultation focuses on the following questions that Mr Varacalli would like you to answer by sending an e-mail to his expert ( and the SEDEC secretariat ( before 16 October 2020. Your answers should be drafted in English or French.

  1. According to your own experience and knowledge, what was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cultural and creative sectors in the EU? Which sectors do you think were most affected?
  1. What is your assessment of the EU response to the coronavirus outbreak and the measures and actions put in place in support of the cultural and creative sectors? What are your expectations from the future Creative Europe programme? What is still needed for the restart of cultural and creative sectors?
  1. How can we ensure that cities and regions are aware of measures and initiatives put in place for CCS in the EU? How CCS can better participate in the latest proposals for Creative Europe, Horizon Europe, REACT EU, SURE, CRII+, the European Guarantee Fund, etc.?
  1. How can we ensure that special attention is given to culture and cultural heritage in the next programming period so that CCS are considered a priority at national level and allow for synergies with other policies and structural funding?
  1. What are, in your opinion, the best practices carried out by your countries and which could be exported to all Member States?
  1. How can we best promote culture as a key driver for strengthening the European identity and ensure a more prominent place in the discussion on the Future of Europe?

[1]              COM(2020) 456 final

Contact Person: Doru Hojbila
Organizer: SEDEC Secretariat
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