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Connected Border Regions - Impacts and Challenges of the Pandemic  

​​​In the course of the change of the presidency of the European region Danube-Vltava (EDM) from the Upper Palatinate to Lower Austria, we are organising an online meeting with representatives of the EDM presidium from the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.

The focus of this talk is the issue of cross-border mobility, especially regarding the pandemic and its impact on the lives of citizens. 

We will cover and examine various aspects of daily life - from commuting and working in the border regions to leisure activities and health care needs.

Citizens were invited to complete an online questionnaire on the above-mentioned topics. Based on these results the following participants,

- Deputy District Governor Pavel Hroch from South Bohemia (CZ)

- Member of the government of Lower Austria Martin Eichtinger (AT)

- and District President Franz Löffler from the Upper Palatinate (DE)

will discuss the outcomes as well as the different perspectives and viewpoints of the regions.

Due to the pandemic, the conversation will be recorded via Zoom and the recording will be available in Czech and German on the following websites:  ​

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