Pentru a asigura raportorilor și membrilor noștri un sprijin informațional optim, Comitetul European al Regiunilor (CoR) poate apela la ajutorul experților externi pentru a realiza studii științifice pe anumite teme de interes.

Pe lângă aceste studii publicate de CoR, Serviciul de Cercetare al Parlamentului European (EPRS) elaborează, de asemenea, – în virtutea Acordului de cooperare între Comitetul European al Regiunilor și Parlamentul European din 5 februarie 2014 – informări și analize legate de lucrările consultative ale CoR, care vin în sprijinul acestora.

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  • EU financial assistance available to local and regional authorities in the candidate and potential candidate countries for EU enlargement

    Data publicării: 14/12/2021Tema: EnlargementAutor: Kateryna Karunska, Stanislav Bieliei, Antoine Apprioual, Matías Ibáñez Sales and Katarzyna Sidło (CASE)
  • EU financial assistance available to local and regional authorities in Eastern Partnership countries

    Data publicării: 14/12/2021Tema: Eastern PartnershipAutor: Stanislav Bieliei, Karolina Zubel, and Katarzyna Sidło
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      EU financial assistance available to local and regional authorities in Eastern Partnership countries
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  • EU financial assistance available to LRAs in Mediterranean partner countries

    Data publicării: 14/12/2021Tema: Euro-Mediterranean PartnershipAutor: Katarzyna Sidło, Aleksandra Chmielewska, Virginia Dicuonzo, and Abdoul Karim Zanhouo
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      Aide financière de l’UE mise à la disposition des collectivités locales et régionales des pays partenaires méditerranéens
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  • The state of the regions, cities and villages in the areas of socio¬economic policies. Contribution to the 2021 EU Annual Regional and Local Barometer

    Data publicării: 28/10/2021Tema: Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), Social economy, Employment, Green DealAutor: Kai Böhme, Christian Lüer, Flavio Besana, Sebastian Hans, Bernd Schuh, Arndt Münch & Helene Gorny, including inputs by Alessandro Valenza, Sabine Zillmer & Hristo Dokov, Language editing by Tim Wills
  • Cohesion as an Overall Value of the European Union

    Data publicării: 25/10/2021Tema: Cohesion policy reform, Financial instruments for cohesionAutor: Kai Böhme, Maria Toptsidou, Sabine Zillmer & Christian Lüer (Spatial Foresight), Alessandro Valenza, Clarissa Amichetti, Carlo Bettini & Dea Hrelja (T33), Bernd Schuh, Roland Gaugitsch, Mailin Gaupp-Berghausen & Kinga Hat (ÖIR), with inputs by JRC on RHO
  • The Conference on the Future of Europe - Putting Local and Regional Authorities at the Heart of European Democratic Renewal

    Data publicării: 21/10/2021Tema: Future of Europe, EU Treaties, Multi-level governance and devolution, REFIT and better law-making, Subsidiarity and proportionalityAutor: Michael Bruter, Sarah Harrison, Miriam Sorace and Elisabet Vives (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • Restoring - lost connections - between the EU and the UK as a consequence of Brexit through local and regional authorities

    Data publicării: 07/09/2021Tema: Climate change policy, Research and innovation, Tourism, Energy efficiency, CitizenshipAutor: Machteld Bergstra, Jan Hagemejer, Kateryna Karunska (CASE)
  • Service sector re-orientation- transferring skills from the tourism sector

    Data publicării: 02/09/2021Tema: Tourism, Euro-Mediterranean PartnershipAutor: Robert Lanquar, Aleksandra Teliszewska, Katarzyna Sidło
  • Innovation ecosystems and start-ups in the Mediterranean as a means of recovering from the COVID-19 crisis

    Data publicării: 02/09/2021Tema: Entrepreneurship, Euro-Mediterranean PartnershipAutor: Katarzyna Sidło (CASE)
  • Territorial impact of migration on frontline regions and cities on the EU shores of the Mediterranean

    Data publicării: 30/08/2021Tema: Migration, asylum and integration of migrants, Demographic change, Social protectionAutor: Aleksandra Chmielewska, Virginia Dicuonzo, Olimpia Dragouni, Agnieszka Kulesa, Katarzyna Sidło (CASE)
  • Regional differences in COVID-19 response - exposure and strategy

    Data publicării: 25/08/2021Tema: Long-term strategy for investment, growth and jobs (renewed Europe 2020), Sustainable development, Public health, Consumer policy, Demographic changeAutor: Rossella Soldi (Progress Consulting S.r.l.)
  • Developing a Decentralisation Index for the Committee of the Regions Division of Powers Portal

    Data publicării: 23/08/2021Tema: Long-term strategy for investment, growth and jobs (renewed Europe 2020)Autor: Camille Borrett, Mariya Gancheva, Tugce Tugran, Tony Zamparutti (Milieu Consulting S.r.l.)
  • The Challenges of the European Child Guarantee at Regional and Local Level

    Data publicării: 26/07/2021Tema: Education, Equality, Social protection, Youth policyAutor: Simona Cavallini (Fondazione FORMIT), Rossella Soldi (Progress Consulting S.r.l.), Beatrice Errico (Fondazione FORMIT)
  • The state of digital transformation at regional level and COVID-19 induced changes to economy and business models, and their consequences for regions

    Data publicării: 14/07/2021Tema: Digital agenda, Digital policy and connectivity, SME policy, Territorial cohesionAutor: Simona Cavallini (Fondazione FORMIT) and Rossella Soldi (Progress Consulting S.r.l.)
  • Local and regional finances in the aftermath of COVID-19

    Data publicării: 24/06/2021Tema: Sub-national financeAutor: Michele Alessandrini (t33 Srl), Ivan Bosch Chen (CSES), Veronika Kubeková (Blomeyer & Sanz), and Fabio Fiorillo, with contributions from Roland Blomeyer (Blomeyer & Sanz), Gabriele Ceccarelli (t33 Srl) and Jack Malan (CSES), Lang. review by Timothy Wills.
  • Regional and local authorities and the National Recovery and Resilience Plans

    Data publicării: 24/06/2021Tema: Territorial cohesion, Sustainable development, Economic GovernanceAutor: Alessandro Valenza, Anda Iacob, Clarissa Amichetti, Pietro Celotti (t33 Srl), Sabine Zillmer (Spatial Foresight) and Jacek Kotrasinski
  • Guidebook on registering EGTCs

    Data publicării: 31/05/2021Tema: Territorial cohesionAutor: Sabine Zillmer, Sebastian Hans, Christian Lüer (Spatial Foresight) and Paola Le Moglie (t33) in collaboration with Silke Haarich, Erik Gløersen (Spatial Foresight) and Michele Alessandrini (t33) with additional editing from Tim Wills (t33)
  • Financing the Green Deal: a toolbox for the implementation of the Green Deal

    Data publicării: 10/05/2021Tema: Environment policy, Climate change policy, Green DealAutor: Mariya Gancheva, Oskar Gustafsson, Jennifer McGuinn (Milieu Consulting SPRL)
  • Application of the principles of partnership and multi-level governance in Cohesion Policy programming 2021-2027

    Data publicării: 21/04/2021Tema: Territorial cohesionAutor: Frank Holstein and Kai Böhme (Spatial Foresight) with support from Arndt Münch, Bernd Schuh (ÖIR), Dea Hrelja, Anda Iacob and Clarissa Amichetti (t33)
  • Integration of Geographic and Statistical data for better EU policy (study, April 2021)

    Data publicării: 19/04/2021Tema: Territorial cohesionAutor: Roland Gaugitsch, Erich Dallhammer, Bernd Schuh, Cristian Andronic, Manon Badouix (ÖIR), Sabine Zillmer (S4S), Emanuele Armillotta, Pietro Celotti (t33
  • Territorial Impact Assessment on EU Climate Targets (ex-ante, February 2021)

    Data publicării: 31/03/2021Tema: Climate change policyAutor: Igor Caldeira, Cristina Socias Monserrat (CoR), Erich Dallhammer, Bernd Schuh, Roland Gaugitsch (ÖIR GmbH)
  • Territorial Impact Assessment on the effects of Decarbonisation policies on Cohesion as a value (ex-ante, March 2021)

    Data publicării: 31/03/2021Tema: Climate change policy, Renewable energyAutor: Igor Caldeira, Cristina Socias Monserrat, Conor Gilligan (CoR), Erich Dallhammer, Bernd Schuh, Roland Gaugitsch (ÖIR GmbH)
  • A fair minimum wage for the EU workers from the local and regional perspective

    Data publicării: 16/03/2021Tema: EmploymentAutor: Paul Jeffrey, Haris Martinos and Herta Tödtling-Schönhofer (Metis GmbH)
  • The Role of Local and Regional Authorities in Achieving a European Education Area by 2025

    Data publicării: 16/03/2021Tema: EducationAutor: Simona Cavallini (Fondazione FORMIT), Rossella Soldi (Progress Consulting S.r.l.), Fabio Bisogni (Fondazione FORMIT).
  • The effects of COVID-19 induced border closures on cross-border regions

    Data publicării: 09/02/2021Tema: Future of Europe, Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), Public healthAutor: Rubio, Jean - Peyrony, Jean - Viaggi, Raffaele
  • The effects of COVID-19 induced border closures on cross-border regions - 20 CASE STUDIES

    Data publicării: 09/02/2021Tema: Public health, Future of EuropeAutor: Rubio, Jean - Peyrony, Jean - Viaggi, Raffaele
  • The impact of CAP on territorial development of rural areas

    Data publicării: 08/02/2021Tema: Agriculture, Rural developmentAutor: Rossella Soldi (Progress Consulting S.r.l.)
  • Renovation wave and local and regional authorities -policy and tools to build capacity and finance projects

    Data publicării: 03/02/2021Tema: Green Deal, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy, EU energy policy, Environment policy, Climate change policyAutor: Tugce Tugran, Zuzana Lukacova, Veronique Bruggeman, Jennifer McGuinn (Milieu Consulting SPRL)
  • Territorial Impact Assessment on Cross Border Health Threats (ex-ante, January 2021)

    Data publicării: 26/01/2021Tema: Public healthAutor: Igor Caldeira, Cristín Blennerhassett (CoR) Erich Dallhammer, Bernd Schuh, Roland Gaugitsch, Chien-Hui Hsuing (ÖIR GmbH)
  • Experiences of rural areas with European Union’s COVID-19 response measures

    Data publicării: 13/01/2021Tema: Public healthAutor: Alan Matthews, Rossella Soldi (Progress Consulting S.r.l.)
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