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Reforço da cooperação entre os serviços públicos de emprego (SPE)

Opinion Number: CDR 5278/2013
Rapporteur: ANTONIW Mick
Commission: ECOS-V
Status: Adopted
Date: 28/11/2013

- strongly supports the European Commission’s proposal to strengthen and formalise cooperation between European Public Employment Services;

- endorses the commitments made by European PES representatives to play a pivotal role in promoting youth employment in Europe, to increase efficiency and boost co-operation with other stakeholders;

- asserts that good and best practice often occurs at the local and regional level therefore it is imperative to recognise the importance of the work undertaken at this level. The network should take best practices into account and disseminate them;

- requests that the network include a representative appointed by the CoR as an observer in order to ensure that the views, experiences and practices from the local and regional level are reflected in the network;

- believes that the proposal gives the network higher visibility, legitimacy and a clearer political mandate but maintains that its role should remain advisory; emphasises that effective PES are crucial in implementing a youth guarantee scheme and that it is essential that all PES have a profound knowledge of the structure of youth unemployment, the strengths and weaknesses of young people, job opportunities as well as job specific requirements;

- acknowledges that the increasing complexity of labour markets calls for greater levels of cooperation and partnership working with the social partners and other public, private and not-for- profit stakeholders which should be reflected in the enhanced network.
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