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Plano de Ação para uma Estratégia Marítima na Região Atlântica – Para um crescimento inteligente, sustentável e inclusivo

Opinion Number: CDR 1995/2017
Rapporteur: LUNDY Jerry
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 01/12/2017
Contribute to the mid-term review of the Atlantic Action Plan
Identify measures to improve cross-border cooperation among Atlantic countries

 invites Member States to continue to integrate the objectives of the AAP in their respective ERDF Operational Programmes;

 restates the proposal to establish regional or inter-regional blue economy platforms and points out that several Atlantic regions could be good candidates for setting up such a platform

 calls upon the European Commission and the Member States to pursue further improvement of coordination, monitoring and support for projects and exchange of best practices

 calls upon the Member States and the European Commission to develop their proposals for post-2020 as early as possible in order to allow a smooth transition between programming periods;

 appeals to the budgetary authority to use existing flexibility in ESI funding to provide for gradual increases of available CLLD funding within the EMFF for the benefit of European coastal communities;

 The outcome of the Brexit negotiations will need to be considered and addressed as regards the potential impact on the future of the Atlantic Maritime Strategy and Action Plan;

 is alarmed at the potential consequences for the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) of the UK exit especially in access to UK waters with a particular impact on the fishing sectors of neighbouring countries.



opening speech at the 5th atlantic forum in Vigo, Spain

Mr Lundy will deliver a opening speech at the 5th atlantic forum in Vigo, Spain. Th the margins of the event he wil also participate in the high-level steering group

23 Oct

Rapporteurs' tarticipation in ASG meeting

On 18 July 2018 CoR rapporteur Lundy participated in the last meeting of the Atlantic strategy group before the summer break together with EC, Member States and stakeholders.
The new Atlantic Support mechanism was presented, forllowed by discussions on thematic planning and structure of events.

18 Jul

Keynote Speech at the General Assembly of the Atlantic Arc Cities

Mr Jerry Lundy Delivers a keynote speech at the General Assembly of the Atlantic Arc Cities Atlantic: "Scenarios for Cities and Citizens in the Eve of Brexit"

15 Jun

Atlantic Steering Group

Participation of Mr Lundy in the Atlantic Strategy Group meeting, taking place at the Spanish Permanent representation to the EU: discussion about the annual event in Vigo on 23&24 October, coutry specific workshops and preparation of the PT presidency of the Atlantic Strategy Group.

07 Jun

Participation of CoR Rapporteur Lundy in 4th Atlantic Stakeholder Conference in Glasgow, UK

The annual Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference (ASPC) offers a great transnational publicity opportunity to deliver the Atlantic Action Plan (AAP) key messages and further promote awareness of its achievements. The annual conference is the central hub for stakeholders of the Atlantic Strategy to meet, seek ways of cooperation, share information and identify funding opportunities and partnerships for their projects.
Mr Lundy will participate in the opening session on 07 Nov as a keynote speaker as well as in the High-Level Steering Group Meeting on 06 Nov.

07 Nov

Meeting with European Commission/DG MARE

CoR Rapporteur met with representatives of the European Commission in charge of the Atlantic Action Plan, discussing the future of the Strategy and the Action plan, as well as the mid-term review of the plan.

09 Jun

Meeting with DG Research

CoR Rapporteur Jerry Lundy met with a representative of DG RESEARCH in charge of the scientific part of the Plan. Part of the discussion was also the South Atlantic science partnership.

09 Jun

CoR Rapporteur Lundy participates in Atlantic Steering Group

On 08 June 2017, CoR rapporteur Mr Lundy Participated in the meeting of the Atlantic Steering group together with his expert Mr. Gerry Finn.

Among the topics discussed during the meeting were the annual stakeholder event of the group, the possibilities for synergies in the touristic sector on the occasion of EU-China Tourism Year (DG GROW), renewable energies and marine science (DG ENERGY), preparations for the Atlantic Research and Innovation Cooperation - Conference in Lisbon on 13-14 July (DR RTD). DG MARE presented an update from DG MARE on the Mid-Term Review of the Atlantic Strategy and the future of the assistance mechanism.

The meeting took place in the permanent representation of the UK.

08 Jun
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