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Pistoia Green Forum  

​​​​​​​​“Pistoia Green Forum: The territory meets European and national institutions to design a sustainable future together" provided the space for a high-level debate on the following questions:

- What are the prospects for the primary sector of the economy in the era of ecological transition?

- What policies should be adopted to ensure growth in a fundamental sector?

The participants talked about these important aspects at the Forum, organised as a local dialogue of the European Committee of the Regions, by the City Councilor of Pistoia and Member of the CoR Lorenzo GALLIGANI (IT/ECR), in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests and the Municipality of Pistoia. Among others, the Minister for Relations with Parliament Luca CIRIANI, the Undersecretary of MASAF Patrizio GIACOMO LA PIETRA, the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio GIANI (IT/PES), the Mayor of Pistoia Alessandro TOMASI, as well as members of the European Parliament and local administrators participated in the panels. 

The event was aired live on the Facebook page of the commune of Pistoia.​

Contact Person: Lorenzo Galligani, Cor Member for Italy and Councilor of the City Council of Pistoia
Organizer: Municipality of Pistoia, Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests, CoR Local dialogues

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