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The green transition – EU and our regional shift to fossil fuel free transports  
Actions taking place in Brussels and in the European Union influence our regional transition to fossil fuel-free transports. How does the EU-level influence our possibilities to meet our regional targets – and how can we influence the EU?
During the seminar, we will discuss the implementation of new directives and questions still on the table. How does the EU level influence our regions and how can politicians, public entities and businesses influence EU policies and cooperate with and within different networks connected to the EU? In what way does the EU and other countries policies influence the national and regional transition to a fossil fuel free transportation sector in Sweden?
•The Swedish biogas system is world leading and has an important role to play in the transition to a circular economy and sustainable regions and cities. What is the outlook for biogas internationally and in Sweden?
•Sweden is a frontrunner in producing sustainable ethanol and bio-diesel. But what will happen with the Swedish transition to sustainable fuels if EU does not allow crops for production of biofuels?
•Plenty of cities has envisaged a ban of diesel-engines, how will this influence the Swedish transition to electric and hydrogen vehicles?

Organizer: Region Östergötland with Stockholm City
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