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"Cohesion our Fundamental Value" - a contribution from Europe's Islands to the Conference on the Future of Europe  

​​​ European island regions are home to over 20.5 million inhabitants, which represent 4.6% of the EU’s population. Islands belong to 13 member States and are defined by article 174 TFEU as being in need of particular attention in terms of the Union aim to reduce disparities in development levels. Moreover, article 349 TFEU creates a clear legal basis for special measures for outermost regions.

Cohesion policy is crucial in pursuing balanced regional development in the European Union, and it represents the most suitable policy to address developmental disparities between European islands and other regions. However, island regions are not accorded any specific status in cohesion policy as it currently stands and they are usually grouped together with mountain regions and sparsely populated areas.

The European Committee of the Regions and the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), in particular through its Islands Commission, together with the #CohesionAlliance, have been very active in promoting the needs of European islands.

The event gathers together representatives from islands all over Europe to highlight their vision and contribution towards the Conference on the Future of Europe. Governors and local politicians will answer to the fundamental questions: did the COFE take on board islands' needs and requests so far? What happens after the COFE? Which future can we imagine for European islands?

You can follow the event using this link.

Contact Person: Matteo Miglietta
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